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12 Arrested in Seattle For Blocking Highway During ‘BLM’ Protest

During the incident, “BLM” was spray-painted on the interstate

Seattle BLM

Monday’s commute for Seattle drivers was a nightmare as Black Lives Matter protesters blockaded the entire highway. Twelve people were arrested in connection with the incident during which “BLM” was spray-painted on the interstate.

The movement began around 12:30 p.m. PT when the group blocked the freeway as well as the collector-distributor lanes near Yesler Way. The entire Northbound I-6 near Yesler Way was shut down while Washington State Patrol moved as swiftly as possible to remove protesters blocking lanes.

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Video shows the individuals involved locking arms as they sat in a line across the all northbound lanes of the highway. “The initials BLM…was seen painted on the highway” as well as “Demand Justice” just below.

Trooper Rick Johnson tweeted that Washington State Patrol was responding and would be arresting those actively blocking the freeway.


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