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Alderman Says ‘Gang Life’ is ‘Public Health Crisis,’ Not Mayor Lightfoot’s ‘Racism’ Claim



Alderman Raymond Lopez

Over the weekend Chicago experienced a crime spree; sadly, it is recurring every weekend. “At least seven people were killed and 45 others wounded in shootings across Chicago over the weekend, including a man killed during the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Humboldt Park” reported Chicago Sun-Times. One 15-year-old boy was among three injured and a woman was killed in a Friday night shooting in Back of the Yards.

Last Thursday Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared Racism against Black residents is the public health crisis within the city. Is it racism that is pulling the trigger every weekend? In a press conference, Lightfoot said “at almost every single point in our city’s history, sadly, racism has taken a devastating toll on the health and well-being of our residents of color and particularly those who are black.”

Alderman Raymond Lopez responded to Lightfoot’s accusations saying, “I think it’s a foil to avoid having to deal with [gang and other issues], period. Two hundred-plus murders in the city of Chicago, none of them were committed because of racism.” He continued, “I can tell you last week’s gang shooting had nothing to do with racism. The shooting in Englewood Monday morning, four people shot, three others injured, was not about racism.”

On June 17, Lightfoot tweeted, “The State of Health for Blacks in Chicago is a stark reminder of the legacy of unacceptable inequities that continue to plague our city and country to this day.”  Lopez, again addressing the root of the problem, said, “Generational gang life isn’t just something that’s encouraged. It’s almost revered in some neighborhoods” said Lopez. “If you really want to get to what is at the heart of a lot of this, it is gangs, and it is the borderline collapse of the family unit in many of our neighborhoods…[Lightfoot] has avoided calling out gangs in our community as a source of violence in our city.”

During the weekend of June 4-6, “five people were killed, and more than 50 others were shot, including an 11-year-old girl, across Chicago” reported the Washington Examiner. Even before this deadly weekend, on June 2nd Lopez tweeted “what the hell is going on tonight, I’m still on scene for the gang shooting in Back of the yards and now 17 rounds fired off in front of Shields Elementary School in Brighton Park. This city needs to get its head out of its ass & get serious about confronting gangs.”

In the early hours of June 12, Lopez tweeted, “in less than 24 hours, a new gang ‘family’ moved onto a block, they immediately opened a fire hydrant after settling in, and just moments ago took to shooting at a passing vehicle. The property owner can expect a call from me tomorrow. I want them gone. Now!”

Soon after, Lopez released a follow-up tweet saying “this shooting has now turned into a homicide. A young woman picked up by her boyfriend for an evening out. They were ‘checked’ for driving on their own block. She is now dead. CHECKED BY GANGS & SHOT DEAD! So many squirm to make excuses for gangs. STOP IT NOW. #CancelGangCulture.”

Residents in Chicago are “giving up” on calling the police, saying Mayor Lightfoot’s law enforcement policies and misguided focus on systemic racism are doing very little, if anything, to stop the mostly gang-related violence.

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  1. RandyLee

    June 24, 2021 at 9:40 am

    well at least someone in chicago govt understands what is happening to the city and why it is happening. how refreshing for chicago. lori lightfoot certainly has no idea. maybe if she took some leadership lessons she would understand. but she is too arrogant and conceited to actually learn how to run a city the size of chicago.

  2. Carolyn Jones

    June 25, 2021 at 11:25 am

    Right on, RL!!! Someone recently wrote, “Lightfoot thinks racism is the biggest problem; murders, not so much”. Couldn’t be clearer!

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Real estate websites Redfin, will no longer display crime data ‘due to racial bias concerns’

The woke culture is not only a facilitator for crime, but it also protects criminals and endangers citizens




The woke culture is not only a facilitator for crime, but it also protects criminals and endangers citizens. Two popular homebuying websites, Zillow and Redfin, are the latest companies to kowtow to a weak and sensitive culture.

Redfin and both “put forth announcements on the same day back in December that their sites will no longer display or gather any crime data for the neighborhoods covered within them due to racial bias concerns” reports

In a blog post, CEO of David Doctorow wrote the company is attempting to “break down those hurdles” of discrimination in homeownership. “For example, earlier this month, we removed the crime map layer from all search results on to rethink the safety information we share on and how we can best integrate it as part of a consumer’s home search experience,” stated Doctorow.

“In the weeks and months ahead, we plan to examine closely what neighborhood safety means for buyers and renters who use our site so we can reimagine how we integrate safety data on Our goal is to ensure we are providing consumers with the most valuable, fair and accurate neighborhood data so they can make informed decisions about where they want to rent or purchase their next home,” added Doctorow.

In a blog post on the same day, the chief growth officer for Redfin, Christian Taubman, wrote Redfin was entirely aware that people want to know “whether they’ll feel safe in a given home or neighborhood,” but “the data available don’t allow us to speak accurately to that question, and given the long history of redlining and racist housing covenants in the United States there’s too great a risk of this inaccuracy reinforcing racial bias.”

“We believe that Redfin–and all real estate sites–should not show neighborhood crime data,” Taubman stated.

Taubman went on to inaccuracies of crime reporting as an excuse for not adding the information to its website. “In the 2019 survey, people reporting crimes were more likely to describe their offender as young, male, and Black than would be expected given the representation of those groups in the population,” he said.

Taubman concluded, “in this case we’re confident that the crime data that are available today ought not to be on Redfin or any other real estate site.”

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Chicago 911 Dispatcher says ‘All Hell Has Broken Loose’ Crime is ‘Nonstop’



Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The liberal run city of Chicago is in a downward spiral suffocated by crime. Few understand what is happening better than 911 dispatchers who have the impossible task of listening to people suffer through crimes, yet unable to help them due to liberal policies creating a violent crime epidemic and police shortage.

Keith Thornton posted a video to Facebook last week saying Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is “a disgrace.” Thornton took it upon himself to warn citizens about which Chicago police district is unavailable due to the staffing shortages.

In an interview with Fox & Friends Thornton said that “all hell has broken loose” in Chicago while local officials have failed to act. “It’s been shenanigans, and it’s just nonstop, day after day. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning time, evening time, whatever –at all hours of the day, there is a massive amount of crime taking place within the city of Chicago.”

“When I’m getting text messages from officers telling me that they’re scared and afraid for their safety because they’re working by themselves, and then the beat next to them would normally back them up, they’re not even there because the cars are down. That’s a problem. It’s a safety concern” Thornton said in an interview with Chicago’s WLS-TV.

Chicago Police Department data shows homicides, shootings, thefts and criminal sexual assaults are all up drastically compared to last year. Lightfoot has not only been a proponent of defunding the police, she also behaved viciously towards law enforcement.

After Chicago Police Officer Ella French was killed during a routine traffic stop, Lightfoot blamed “guns and the violence they bring” for her death. When Lightfoot visited French’s partner who was wounded and fighting for his life at the time at the hospital, dozens of officers at the hospital turned their back on the mayor.

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