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Biden Authorizes $500 Million in Emergency Aid to Help Fleeing Afghan Refugees



Refugees on the road

President Biden has allocated up to $500 million to assist Afghan refugees from the United States Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund. Biden issued the order Monday evening, after he returned to the White House from his vacation at Camp David.

Biden’s order stated that the funds are for the “purpose of meeting unexpected urgent refugee and migration needs of refugees, victims of conflict, and other persons at risk as a result of the situation in Afghanistan.”

The order draws its authority from the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962, said Biden. The Act was implemented with the intention for the United States president to be able to aid individuals displaced by conflict, persecution and other risks around the world.

Newsweek writes, “as the U.S. pulls out of Afghanistan, the Biden administration is scrambling to evacuate Afghan allies who aided the U.S. during its 20-year occupation. The Taliban has rapidly re-taken the country over the past two weeks.”

Former U.S. Army Captain Blake Hall explained to Newsweek the Taliban executes those who are friendly to the United States. He fears the worst for Afghan citizens who helped the United States in any capacity; “They’ll be hunted down and killed, and many times their families will be killed, too” said Hall who served in Mosul, Iraq.

Newsweek reports, “since 2014, the Taliban has murdered at least 300 Afghans who served as interpreters for U.S. forces, according to No One Left Behind, a veteran-led group for Afghan and Iraqi interpreters.”

Declaring victory, the Taliban released a statement Monday, in which they claim U.S. friendly Afghans have nothing to fear. “[Such Afghans] should show remorse for their past actions and must not engage in such activities in the future that amount to treason against Islam and the country” the statement reads.

“But none should currently desert the country. The Islamic Emirate will not perturb them but calls them to return to their normal lives and if they do have expertise in any field, to serve their country, They shall not be in any danger on our part.” The hundreds of thousands of citizens desperately clinging to airplanes and helicopters evacuating Kabul’s airport would suggest no one believes the Taliban is speaking the truth.

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    August 18, 2021 at 9:13 am

    The LUNATIC should be concentrating on the up to 12000 AMERICANS that are still in the country and getting them out FIRST !He’s such an INCOMPETENT MORON !

  2. BlueBoomerange

    August 18, 2021 at 10:06 am

    The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (aka: The Taliban) assures everyone that citizens are in no danger… blah, blah, blah. Anyone believing this? This is another ‘Iran’ except with no oil to use as income. That being said, America owes Trash-can-istan ‘nothing’. We’re spent billions of taxpayer dollars there for ‘nothing’. To spend millions more trying to ‘rescue’ their ‘refugees’ then rapidly relocate them to the US is ridiculous. I heard yesterday that Fort McCoy in Wisconsin is going to be used to house Afghan ‘refugees’ Biden is planning on rescuing! Just like relocating illegal aliens to ‘red’ states, he’s now sending Afghan’s to ‘red’ states. The most incompetent dictator-in-chief ever!

  3. Bmac

    August 18, 2021 at 11:21 am

    Now he spends more to try and repair another screw up. He has the magic touch everything he touches turns to shore.

  4. teresa

    August 18, 2021 at 2:34 pm

    this shows the incompetency of biden and all dems. they are hypocrites – making statements and taking them back, doing things and taking them back. seven months of ruination and it’s goin to get worse. this is why biden and the dums should all be impeached. no common sense

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Iran Launches Missile Into Space As Biden Admin Fails To Negotiate New Nuclear Deal



Joe Biden

On Sunday, Iran’s state television announced that the country had launched a solid-fueled rocket into space, drawing criticism from the United States ahead of plans for continued negotiations over the Iranian nuclear deal.

“It’s unclear when or where the rocket was launched, but the announcement came after satellite photos showed preparations at Imam Khomeini Spaceport in Iran’s rural Semnan province, the site of Iran’s frequent failed attempts to put a satellite into orbit,” the Associated Press reported. “Iran had previously acknowledged that it planned more tests for the satellite-carrying rocket, which it first launched in February of last year.”

“Ahmad Hosseini, spokesman for Iran’s Defense Ministry, said Zuljanah, a 25.5 meter-long rocket, was capable of carrying a satellite of 220 kilograms (485 pounds) that would ultimately gather data in low-earth orbit and promote Iran’s space industry. Zuljanah is named for the horse of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad,” the Associated Press added.

According to the report, the White House is aware of Iran’s announcement and said the move was “unhelpful and destabilizing.”

Iran’s state-run media aired dramatic footage of the missile launch amid heightened tensions over Iran’s nuclear program, which has accelerated as President Biden’s administration has failed to negotiate a new nuclear deal with Iran.

According to a report earlier this year, three Biden administration negotiators working on a renewed nuclear deal with Iran gave up and left the team because they thought that President Biden was being too weak in dealing with Iran during negotiations.

“U.S. officials confirmed over the weekend that Richard Nephew, the deputy special envoy for Iran, has left the team. Mr. Nephew, an architect of previous economic sanctions on Iran, had advocated a tougher posture in the current negotiations, and he hasn’t attended the talks in Vienna since early December,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “Two other members of the team, which is led by State Department veteran Robert Malley, have stepped back from the talks, the people familiar said, because they also wanted a harder negotiating stance.”

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Biden Suggests Only Solution To Gas Prices Is Letting Putin Invade Europe



Joe Biden

On Wednesday, President Biden suggested that the only solution to high gas prices is to allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade parts of Europe.

“For all those Republicans in Congress criticizing me today for high gas prices in America, are you now saying we were wrong to support Ukraine?” Biden said. “Are you saying we were wrong to stand up to Putin?  Are you saying that we would rather have lower gas prices in America and Putin’s iron fist in Europe?”

“I don’t believe that,” he continued. “Look, I get the easy politics of the attack.  I get that.  But the simple truth is gas prices are up almost $2.00 a gallon because of Vladimir Putin’s ruthless attack on Ukraine, and we wouldn’t let him get away with it.  And we’re doing everything we can to reduce this pain at the pump now.”

However, the increase in gas prices since Russia invaded Ukraine is closer to $1 than it is to $2. On February 24, the day Russia invaded Ukraine, national gas prices were at $3.54 per gallon, and on June 22, the day of Biden’s speech, gas prices were at $4.95 per gallon – which is an increase of $1.41.

Gas prices began rising shortly after Biden took office. From January 20, 2021, to February 24, 2022, gas prices soared from $2.40 per gallon to $3.54 per gallon – an increase of nearly 50 percent.

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