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Biden Gets Defensive When Asked Why He Wasn’t Invited To Pope Benedict’s Funeral: ‘You Know Why’



On Wednesday, President Biden became defensive when asked by a reporter why he had not been invited to Thursday’s funeral of Pope Benedict XVI, telling the reporter, “you know why.”

The exchange happened the same day that White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre revealed that Biden had not been invited to the pope’s funeral, and that the U.S. ambassador to Italy would instead go and represent America. According to Jean-Pierre, Biden – a self-proclaimed Catholic who also supports abortion – was not invited due to “the wishes of the late Pope and the Vatican.”

“On Pope Benedict.  Pope Benedict.  What did he mean — what did Pope Benedict mean to you as a Catholic?” a reporter asked Biden. 

“Well, I had an opportunity to spend some time with Pope Benedict, a couple hours.  And he was a great — and it reminded me of going back to theology class.  We spoke about Aquinas and about ‘Summa Theologica’ and the whole litany.  I found him to be relaxing and very rational,” Biden responded. “And he was a more conservative view within the Catholic realm than I have and (inaudible) Pope — the present Pope, in terms of his philosophy, his view.  But I — I admired him.  I thought he was a fine man.”

“You’re not attending his funeral tomorrow though.  Why?” the reporter asked. 

“No.  Well, why do you think?” Biden responded. 

“Well, you tell me,” the reporter said. 

“You know why,” Biden defensively said. 

When pressed again by the reporter, Biden again attempted to avoid the question and said that he wasn’t going because “we would just get in the way.”

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