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Biden plans to change ‘nothing’ in second half of presidency



If you’ve enjoyed the first half of Joe Biden’s presidency then you’re in for a treat; he plans to change nothing. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, just one day after the midterm elections, Biden proudly exclaimed he will not change a thing.

Despite voters’ concerns being front and center across the country in the midterms, Biden will do “nothing.” Biden was asked how he will lead differently in order to address issues important to the voters such as the economy and the overwhelming belief that the country is generally moving in the wrong direction.

“Nothing” Biden replied. “I’m not going to change anything in any fundamental way” he added. Asserting he and the Democratic party have achieved great accomplishments thus far, he reassured that even if Republicans take control of the House of Representatives, he has few concerns.

“We’ve lost very few seats for certain,” Biden said of the Democrats’ results. “It was a good day for democracy.”

“While the press and pundits were predicting a giant red wave, it didn’t happen. I felt good during the whole process. While any seat lost is painful, we lost fewer seats in the House of Representatives that any president’s first term in last 40 years,” he added.

“I want to thank the young people who I’m told voted in historic numbers,” Biden said, noting their concerns about the climate crisis, gun violence, and student debt relief. Regardless of the outcome of the midterm elections, Biden said his intention was to run for re-election in 2024. It’s a “sigh of relief,” he said, that the “mega MAGA Republicans are not taking over.”

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