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Biden Signs Executive Order Restoring U.S. Money to Fund Abortions Globally

Biden’s signature will once again permit U.S. aid money to fund groups that “provide or promote abortion around the globe”



Joe Biden

As former President Trump said in his speech Sunday night during the final night of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), Biden has proven himself to be extreme leftist. He’s more radical than we thought, signing things we never even debated about or talked about, lamented Trump as he explained Biden has put “America last” in his first 100 days in office.

One such executive order Biden signed allows for the United States to fund abortions globally. The executive order signed Thursday afternoon reversed the “Mexico City policy” first put in place by President Ronald Reagan “in an effort to ensure that taxpayers were not required to indirectly fund abortion procedures performed in other countries” reports National Review.

However, Biden’s signature will once again permit U.S. aid money to fund groups that “provide or promote abortion around the globe.” National Review notes the policy has “been undone via executive order by every subsequent Democratic administration and reinstated by each Republican one” since Reagan.

Trump expanded the policy to “include not only family planning funds distributed by the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development but also all foreign-health assistance provided by government agencies, including the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, and the Defense Department.”

The Trump administration’s expanded policy, “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” significantly impacting the amount of U.S. funding covered by the abortion prohibition increasing from about $600 million to nearly $9 billion.

Public-opinion polls show most Americans do not support the United States funding abortions in other countries. A new poll out over the weekend from Marist and the Knights of Columbus “found that more than three-quarters of Americans oppose using U.S. aid money to fund abortions overseas.” The same poll also found “voters in Biden’s own party disagree with him on this issue.”

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  1. Rich

    March 1, 2021 at 3:12 pm

    What a great way to stop illegal immagration!

    • Magella Desniege Duhaime

      March 2, 2021 at 10:50 am

      The only problem to me seems like illegals have babies one after another. I don’t seem them going for abortions. Although I see them get more money for food stamps child care credits. The more they have babies the bigger the check. While taxpayers had babies who they can afford.

    • Roger Williams

      March 2, 2021 at 12:19 pm

      I don’t remember being asked if you could spend my money on illegal abortions anywhere

  2. Shirley Allen

    March 1, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    This man is definitely not a Christian if he is so anxious to not only allow babies to be murdered but to pay for murdering babies around the world! Or shall I say…making us taxpayers pay for it. I guess the pen is light when the money doesn’t come out of your pocket Joe. Do you have no morals? No conscious? May God help us all.

    • Cyrano

      March 2, 2021 at 9:11 pm

      This is the man who claims to be a devout practicing Catholic! He couldn’t define any one of those terms! Why doesn’t he give up the charade and admit that he’s a degenerate! Everyone already knows it! What will he say on his day of reckoning when he’ll be required to explain his actions while on God’s earth?

  3. R Newman

    March 1, 2021 at 3:34 pm

    It’s not Biden, he can barely string a few words together coherently.
    Biden’s handlers just want to push the agenda as far left as is humanly possible. All the better to take America down and prep it for the Socialist revolution they’re planning

    • Ryan

      March 3, 2021 at 7:40 am

      Totally agree. I knew it was going to be pretty. But this is a sh1t show. The lies in media, tech missing on Constitution, don’t take responsibility. This is a nightmare. Remember this, dollar will crumble in 14 to 20 months. Don’t drink the Koolaid, CNN peed in it.

  4. Barbara Gatto-Wilkinson

    March 7, 2021 at 6:16 pm

    I am deeply saddened by the road the U.S. has decided to travel.

  5. Ron Dzombak

    March 8, 2021 at 10:19 am

    Leftists have no concept over money…so long as they are spending other-people’s money.

  6. capncook

    March 10, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    Holy hell you people are delusional…

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Got Lunch? Navy Nuclear Engineer Attempted to Hide Classified Docs in Peanut Butter Sandwich




One of the Navy’s nuclear engineers “with access to military secrets has been charged with trying to pass information about the design of American nuclear-powered submarines to someone he thought was a representative of a foreign government who turned out to be an undercover FBI agent, the Justice Department said Sunday” reports the Associated Press.

A criminal complaint has been filed against Jonathan Toebbe, 42, who was arrested with his wife, Diana, 45, in West Virginia. The Justice Department says Toebbe placed a removable memory card at a prearranged “dead drop”.

“The FBI recovered a blue memory card wrapped in plastic and placed between two slices of bread on a half of a peanut butter sandwich, court documents say. The records on the memory card included design elements and performance characteristics of Virginia-class submarine reactors” reports the AP.

Toebbe faces espionage-related charges for trying to sell government secrets to a contact he believed represented a foreign power for almost an entire year. The Navy declined to comment Sunday, and “the FBI says the scheme began in April 2020 when Jonathan Toebbe sent a package of Navy documents to a foreign government and wrote that he was interested in selling to that country operations manuals, performance reports and other sensitive information.”

Authorities say the FBI used Toebbe’s outreach to begin the almost yearlong operation. An undercover agent emailed with Toebbe for weeks and eventually sent him about $10,000 in cryptocurrency as a sign of good faith and trust.

Toebbe’s package had a return address in Pittsburgh and “Was obtained by the FBI last December through its legal attaché office in the unspecified foreign country” reports the AP. “The court documents don’ explain how the FBI came to receive the package or from whom.”

The package also included a letter that said, “I apologize for this poor translation into your language. Please forward this letter to your military intelligence agency. I believe this information will be of great value to your nation. This is not a hoax.”

Only weeks later, agents watched Toebbe make the drop at an agreed-upon location in West Virginia, “with Diana Toebbe appearing to serve as a lookout for her husband during a dead-drop operation for which the FBI paid $20,000.”

The Associated Press reports:

The Justice Department describes those submarines as “cruise missile fast-attack submarines, which incorporate the latest in stealth, intelligence gathering, and weapons systems technology.” The memory card also included a typed message that said, in part: “I hope your experts are very happy with the sample provided and I understand the importance of a small exchange to grow our trust.”

The FBI conducted similar dead-drop exchanges over the next several months, including one in August in eastern Virginia for which Toebbe was paid roughly $70,000. In that instance, prosecutors say, he concealed in a chewing gum package a memory card that contained schematic designs for the Virginia-class submarine.

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CA Signs Law Requiring Large Retailers to Have Gender-Neutral Toy and Child-Care Sections

The new law applies to any CA retail store with more than 500 employees



Toy Store

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has just signed a “final batch of legislative actions weighed for the year.” Among them is a new law that will take effect in 2024, mandating all retail stores with 500 or more employees must have a gender-neutral toy and child-care product section.

California became the first state to adopt such a law. The Los Angeles Times reports the stores “must sell some toys and child-care products outside of areas specifically labeled by gender. Retailers can continue to offer other toys and child-care goods in traditional boys and girls sections if they choose to.”

Assemblyman Evan Low, a Democrat from Campbell, introduced the legislation to steer the retail industry away from marketing children’s products under “traditional gender” stereotypes; meaning “boy” and “girl.”

Low said the daughter of one of his staff members inspired the bill when the girl questioned why she had to go to the boys section to find certain toys, reports the Los Angeles Times. “Children have a very unique way of saying things that provide some common sense. I think it’s important that we as a state are demonstrating our values of diversity and inclusion.”

“Part of it is to make sure if you’re a young girl that you can find a police car, fire truck, a periodic table or dinosaur,” said Low. “And then similarly, if you’re a boy if you’re more artistic and want to play with glitter, why not? Why should you feel the stigma of saying ‘Oh, this should be shamed’ and going to a different location?” added Low.

Professor of psychology at UC Santa Cruz, Campbell Leaper, claims “we know from a variety of different research once they have those categories in their heads and if you label something for girls or boys, children will often ignore it if it’s labeled for the other gender.”

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