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Biden’s Cushy Press Over? CNN Correspondent Says ‘Never Seen’ Aides ‘Scream’ at President to Stop Talking

‘I’ve never seen a president so protected by his aides’



Joe Biden

The mainstream media and press hated former President Trump, but they now may be realizing just how nice it was to have a President that actually spoke to them. Even left-wing liberal media outlet CNN has expressed disappointment in the Biden administration’s relationship with the press.

On Wednesday, CNN’s chief national affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny expressed “I have never seen a president, covering the last four of them, who was so protected by his aides in terms of often not wanting him to answer some questions.”

Zeleny’s comments came after Biden’s much-anticipated meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying Biden wanted to set his own narrative after the meeting when addressing with the press, stating “we have seen President Biden do that pretty well.” However, he added, “what we have not seen him do is answer questions like that without his aides screaming at him to stop.”

That being said, we can’t entirely blame his aides for stopping the President from getting in his own way. When Biden does answer questions, it too gets him in trouble. On the same day, Biden angrily responded to CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins’ question; prompting him to later apologize to the press for being a “wise guy.”

The Daily Mail reports:

Biden said on Wednesday that he warned Putin that Russian cyberattacks on ‘critical’ U.S. infrastructure would draw a serious American response – and told his counterpart just how harmful a cyber attack might be on an oil pipeline that is the lifeline of the Russian economy.

Biden threatened retaliation and made his explicit comment publicly – even as he denied making any kind of a ‘threat’ in his meetings with the Russian president – as they discussed ransomware attacks that shut down the Colonial pipeline and has other U.S. and multinational businesses on edge.

His cyber saber-rattling came during a contentious press conference where he also shouted at a CNN reporter who yelled out a question asking why he was so confident the Russian strongman would change his behavior, given his denials and his history.
‘I’m not confident I’ll change his behavior. What do you do all the time?’ he said.
Biden walked up to the reporter, with his suit jacket off on an unusually hot day, and accused her of not knowing her business – gesticulating while holding his Ray-Ban sunglasses.

‘When did I say I was confident? I said … What I said was – let’s get it straight,’ Biden said.

‘I said what will change their behavior is if the rest of the world reacts to them and it diminishes their standing in the world.

‘I’m not confident of anything. I’m just stating the facts.’

Minutes after the tense exchange, Biden sought to clean up the incident, speaking with traveling reporters under the wing of Air Force One.

‘I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy with the last answer I gave,’ Biden said.

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  1. Blue Boomerang

    June 18, 2021 at 9:25 am

    Biden is a dementia-ridden ‘grumpy old man’ with no filter between his mouth and his brain. He’s an ill tempered and senile old fool that should be in a nursing home, not the Oval Office. He’s an international embarrassment. His handlers know that he’s simply out of control no matter how they attempt to script and stage his pressers.


    June 18, 2021 at 9:27 am

    The Village Idiot of ALL Village Idiots !

  3. Clinton M. Walz

    June 18, 2021 at 3:24 pm

    These so called “Handlers” KNOWINGLY allowed a SIGNIFICANTLY mentally impaired individual to run for President. They openly knew this fact when he was chosen by the Democrats in April 2020 and because of it; hid him in a basement for 6 months. Whether it was a “plan” to GET him chosen so they could “puppeteer” him is irrelevant; he needs to be removed along with his VP and the people directly responsible for hiding him in a basement need to be indicted for sedition; i.e., non-war time TREASON.

  4. Carolyn Jones

    June 29, 2021 at 1:05 pm

    Clinton, William, and “Blue”, I love your opinions. You all said PERFECTLY the right comments!!! Why, I couldn’t have commented better myself! If you have read any of my comments, yes, I am a firebrand. I worship at the altar of PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump, as some of you know. We true citizens of this marvelous country have GOT to all rise up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY! Biden’s cohorts who are running the show, Susan Rice; the “squad”; Pelosi, Shumer, and other liars, e.g., Adam Schiff (oops! I almost wrote something else for perverse Schiff)! Can you believe Biden’s weird actions, stumblings on plane steps,comments and whisperings??? Another thing: have you ever seen such evil, professional liars in your lives? They have vilified the REAL president Donald Trump for over 4 years. It is only because of his personal strength that he bore so many accusations, name-calling, impeachments(!!!), and slander, yet he made our country a utopia. I often compare him to our Savior, Jesus Christ, who suffered all the hate and name-calling Himself and suffered on the cross to save us from sin. I am still praying to Him to save us, but you know, there’s a line that goes, “God helps those who help themselves”. I would be a part of anything that rids our country of the vermin in Washington that only wants us to become Marxists. I will NEVER succumb to those traitors!

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Chris Cuomo Forced Out Of SiriusXM After CNN Firing – Report



Chris Cuomo

On Monday, ex-CNN host Chris Cuomo announced that he had resigned from his SiriusXM radio show just days after being fired from CNN over his deep involvement with the handling of sexual assault allegations against his brother ex-Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo.

“The way my time ended at CNN is hard,” he said in a statement. “While I have a thick skin, I also have a family, for whom the past week has been extraordinarily difficult. So, right now, I have to take a step back and focus on what comes next. That means I will no longer be doing my SiriusXM radio show. I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from SiriusXM throughout my time there. I also want to express my sincere appreciation for my loyal listeners. I will miss our conversations a great deal – but I look forward to being back in touch with you all in the future.”


“Following Chris Cuomo’s statement that he is leaving his SiriusXM show, Let’s Get After It will no longer air. We thank Chris for his work at SiriusXM,” a SiriusXM spokesperson said in a statement.

According to the New York Post, a source said that Cuomo was “forced out” of Sirius after “a former female colleague at ABC News accused him of sexual misconduct.”

“Cuomo ‘really wanted’ to stay on Sirius but was told he needed to leave,” the New York Post reported, adding, “A source familiar with the matter said of Cuomo, ‘He was asked to resign, which he did.’”

CNN also reportedly learned of a new accusation of sexual misconduct against Chris Cuomo, unrelated to his brother, that led CNN to take “immediate action.”
The New York Times
reported, “On Wednesday, Debra S. Katz, a prominent employment lawyer, informed CNN of a client with an allegation of sexual misconduct against Chris Cuomo. Ms. Katz said in a statement on Saturday that the allegation against the anchor, which was made by a former junior colleague at another network, was ‘unrelated to the Gov. Andrew Cuomo matter.’”

When asked about the new allegation, a CNN spokeswoman said in a statement on Saturday night, “Based on the report we received regarding Chris’s conduct with his brother’s defense, we had cause to terminate. When new allegations came to us this week, we took them seriously, and saw no reason to delay taking immediate action.”

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Twitter Releases Redesigned Orange and Red ‘Misinformation’ Labels

Twitter is doubling down on letting you know when they think your internet behavior is uncouth




Twitter is doubling down on letting you know when they think your internet behavior is uncouth. Reportedly the company has been testing new labels since July, and “are an update from those Twitter used for election misinformation before and after the 2020 presidential contest” reports the Associated Press.

The new designs include added orange and red labels to “stand out” more than the old blue version, which blended with Twitter’s blue color scheme. However, the company was also cautious, as “its tests showed that if a label is too eye-catching, it leads to more people to retweet and reply to the original tweet.”

The AP writes those labels used in the presidential election “drew criticism for not doing enough to keep people from spreading obvious falsehoods.” Therefore the redesign will launch on Tuesday in hopes of being “easier to notice.”

The AP states experts say such labels are helpful to users and allow the big tech social media giants to “sidestep the more difficult work of content moderation – that is, deciding whether or not to remove posts, photos and videos that spread conspiracies and falsehoods.”

In its testing phase, Twitter said the redesigned labels showed a 17% increase in “click-through-rate” meaning more people would click on the labels to read the information debunking false or misleading tweets. “Misleading tweets that got the redesigned label – with an orange icon and the words ‘stay informed’ were also less likely to be retweeted or liked than those with the original labels.”

Twitter labels three types of misinformation: “manipulated media,” such as videos and audio believed to have been deceptively altered in ways that could cause real-world harm; election and voting-related misinformation and false or misleading tweets related to COVID-19.

The AP adds “tweets with more serious misinformation – for instance, a tweet claiming that vaccines cause autism – will get a stronger label, with the world ‘misleading’ and a red exclamation point. It won’t be possible to reply to, like or retweet these messages.”

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