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Black Market Created For Travelers Needing Negative COVID-19 Tests

When civil liberties are taken away, citizens get creative


When civil liberties are taken away, citizens get creative. Taking matters into their own hands, an entire black market with a global reach for negative COVID-19 tests has been created. Primarily, it seems the need was met in order to help individuals travel as more and more countries are requiring proof of negative tests for entry.

The Associated Press reported seven people were arrested last week for “allegedly hawking doctored coronavirus tests at Charles de Gaulle International Airport.” The individuals were charging up to $360 for a fake test. If convicted, the scammers could face up to five years in prison. Authorities were able to track the ring down after a man attempting to travel to Ethiopia with a fake test was found.

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Brazilian officials arrested four tourists after they gave fake tests. In England, a man used his friend’s negative COVID-19 test and changed his name to travel to Pakistan. “You can simply get their negative test and change the name and birthdate to your own. You also put a test date on which is within the time limit required” the traveler who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Lancashire Telegraph.

You simply “download the email, change it, and then print it” the man explained of the simple process. He added he needed to falsify information because he was unable to get a legitimate COVID test to travel since he’s not an essential worker.

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    That will work for mandatory vaccine too.

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