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CA School Board Resigns After Caught on Video Mocking Parents Who Want Their ‘Babysitters Back’

All four members of the Oakley Elementary School District board resigned on Friday after the video circulated online



CA School Board

Members of a California school board were caught on video making fun of parents desperate to get their kids back in school after being forced to learn remotely due to the pandemic. According to the New York Post, the call of the Oakley School Board’s virtual meeting was “accidentally to the public when they were making fun of parent requests.”

Angry at parents’ requests to put children back in school, president Lisa Brizendine said, “they forget there are real people on the other side of those letters that they’re writing…it’s really unfortunate they want to pick on us because they want their babysitters back.” The other board members chimed in; one said of the parents’ requests, “if you’re gonna call me out, I’m gonna f— you up.”

All four members of the Oakley Elementary School District board resigned on Friday after the video circulated online after it was posted by the account “Reopen California schools,” prompting an online petition for the board members to resign.

Schools Superintendent Greg Hetrick spoke to Fox News stating, “the comments made were not in alignment with our vision and are definitely not what any of us stand for as leaders. I know that we lost trust with the community. I will not make excuses for what happened or why it happened.”

California is just one of hundreds of thousands of schools across the U.S. whose parents are trying to get school to return to in-person learning with teachers in classrooms. Many students have faced spending an entire school year learning remotely. “Meanwhile, the White House is facing scrutiny for shifting language around President Biden’s 100-day push for students to return to classrooms amid the coronavirus pandemic” reports Fox News.

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  1. S. L. powitzky

    February 22, 2021 at 10:52 pm

    Good Riddance

  2. Denny Bowman

    February 23, 2021 at 6:44 am

    If liberal school teachers do not want to work, then FIRE THEM ALL and hire conservative teachers who DO want to work! This sham of a “Plandemic” (or “Scamdemic”- which ever you prefer) has gone on long enough! Time for kids to get back in school…

  3. DG

    February 23, 2021 at 9:43 am

    I would rather home school my kids than place them in the care of these heartless narcissists.

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Black Family Kicked Out of NYC Restaurant Over Vax Pass ‘Now the Kids Can’t Eat’ (VIDEO)



Vax Pass

New Yorkers, due to their liberal policies, are being forced to choose between anti-segregation and vaccination status. As Free Press Fail writes, “We’ve said it a million times: the vaccine passports are racist.”

Now, “in New York City, they’re proving it” adds the outlet. An incident caught on video shows a Black family was kicked out of a restaurant for refusing to show their “vaccine passports.” In the video, the man filming can be heard saying “so you’re refusing to serve us?”

Although audio is low, the restaurant employee says something along the lines of “yes because you don’t have a vaccination card.” The man questions back, “so you’re going to enforce segregation? ‘Cause, we just told you that we’re religiously exempt.”

The restaurant staff member then claims the patrons said they did have vaccination cards, but the customer vehemently refutes the claim stating, “I never told you any of that. I would never tell you that.”

The customer then films around a panorama of inside the restaurant, saying aloud he’s not leaving and says loudly to other patrons, “Everybody in here’s ok with that? Everybody in here’s ok with setting up segregation in society?”

“Everybody’s ok with that? oh, we don’t have our vaccine cards, so now the kids can’t eat. We can’t eat. You guys are ok with that? This is the America you want to live in?”  Someone in that background can be heard yelling back, “yep.”

Tensions rose and the customer became more heated in the roughly five-minute video. “This is America, you need to wake up” the man shouted. Even more evidence of segregation may have presented itself when one woman in the background explains not everyone in the restaurant was asked for their vaccination cards.

Free Press Fail writes the data behind the claims that vaccines are racist:

Now, this is no surprise at all considering the demographics of those who are vaccinated. We KNOW 2/3rds of the vaccinated population is white. We KNOW only 9% of the vaccinated population is black and only 16% is Hispanic.

This kind of dismissiveness is just getting started. Especially when other (white) patrons in these dining areas are cheering on the managers who enforce these totalitarian mandates that treat the unvaccinated as “unclean.”

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Comedian Jim Breuer Cancels Shows at Venues ‘Due to Segregation’ of Forced Vaccinations



Jim Breuer

One comedian is standing up to vaccine mandates, and one of the few celebrities brave enough to put his money where his mouth is, and he should be commended. Saturday Night Live alum Jim Breuer took to Facebook live to release a statement that he would not perform at venues demanding patrons receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a 22 minute Facebook live, Breuer said “two quick updates on shows that you may think you may be getting tickets to or you already have tickets to: The Wellmont Theater in New Jersey – not doing it.”

“Also the Royal Oak Theater in Michigan, due to the segregation of them forcing people to show up with vaccinations…I am also not doing those shows” added Breuer.

Aware of the monetary repercussions, Breuer stood by his morals. “I know I’m going to sacrifice a lot of money, but I’m not going to be enslaved to the system or money.”

Breuer continued that he believed getting vaccinated was “a choice” and was not concerned with any opinions of his fans or the public. “If you have anything else to say, I honestly don’t care.”

“Due to, I have to stick to my morals, I have to stick to what I know is right” he added. The comedian also noted his disappointment that patrons were being “forced” and “bribed” before they could attend shows.

While he stated he doesn’t blame venues for enforcing vaccine mandates in some cases, but rather governors and ticketing vendors. He said the venues were being held “hostage.” NBC News reported neither the Wellmont Theater nor the Royal Oak Theater responded to requests for comment Monday.

Breuer, 54, was part of the Saturday Night Live cast from 1995 to 1998 and was known for recurring characters including Goat Boy and celebrity impersonation of Joe Pesci. He was also in the 1998 film “Half Baked” alongside Dave Chappelle.

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