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CNN Medical Analyst Slams Fetterman Campaign For Hiding ‘Severity’ Of His ‘Significant Neurological Injury’



After Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman’s incoherent debate performance last week, CNN medical analyst Jonathan Reiner slammed Fetterman’s campaign for hiding the “severity” of his stroke, which the doctor called “significant.”

Fetterman repeatedly fumbled his words and spoke incoherently throughout the debate. He even had an outburst at the end during which he shouted at his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

According to Reiner, the closed captioning system used to assist Fetterman didn’t work as expected because Fetterman suffers from “expressive aphasia.”

“He’s had an injury to his brain in the area that helps someone process speech,” Reiner said. “So, most people have thought that Mr. Fetterman’s injury was how he processed sound, which is why they gave him the prompter. But what was really apparent last night was that he has expressive aphasia. It’s a really common injury in people who have had a stroke.”

“I know how much work it takes to recover and I admire Mr. Fetterman’s determination to do that, but he obviously had a significant neurological injury,” Reiner added.

When asked by CNN Tonight host Jake Tapper if Fetterman might improve, Reiner said it was impossible to know since the Fetterman campaign has hid the extent of the neurological damage caused by the stroke.

“It is hard to know. Part of the problem is that, you know, the campaign was opaque at the very beginning,” Reiner said. “They didn’t really disclose the degree of his illness. We don’t really know how sick he was. In fact, his treating physicians were never made available to the press or the public, so we don’t really know how much Mr. Fetterman has actually recovered.”

“There is no sin in having a stroke,” he added. “There’s a lot of honor in the dogged determination that it takes to recover, and I admire that. What I don’t admire is the way sort of the campaign has handled the disclosure of his illness.”

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