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Coca-Cola instructs employees to ‘try to be less white’

Coke has gone woke! 



Coke has gone woke! 

In efforts to appease the progressive left “woke-machine,” Coca-Cola is forcing their employees to participate in an online training video by antiracist activist Robin DiAngelo that preaches “try to be less white,” according to “unwoke activist” Karlyn Borysenko. 

Borysenko, who is also a psychologist, YouTuber and creator of Zen Workplace, put a video of the training – which she received from a company whistleblower – online, The Federalist reports. 


The 49-minute long training video, titled “Confronting Racism,” immediately suggests that all white people are born racist.  

“Nothing exempts any white person from the forces of racism.” DiAngelo says. “When you accept the reality of your socialization, you can begin to examine how you’ve been shaped by it.” 

“In the U.S. and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white,” she continues. “Research shows that by age 3 to 4, children understand that it is better to be white.” 

In the following section, employees are explicitly told how to be “less white.” 

  • Be less oppressive
  • Be less arrogant
  • Be less certain
  • Be less defensive
  • Be less ignorant
  • Be more humble
  • Listen
  • Believe
  • Break with apathy 
  • Break with white solidarity 

The video again blatantly instructs employees: “try to be less white.” 

Essentially, if you act white you are automatically racist.

The training includes a “racial resentment section,” urging that white people express “rage and resentment” towards black people. 

“Any moment of black advancement is met with a backlash of white rage and resentment,” DiAngelo says. “I think we’re in a current moment of that after eight years of Obama.” When she hears white people say, “I was taught to treat everyone the same,” she says she thinks to herself “this person doesn’t understand basic socialization. This person doesn’t understand culture. This person is not self-aware.” 

“Niceness is not courageous,” she adds. “Niceness is not anti-racism.” 

According to The Federalist, the entire training is available on LinkedIn Learning, which Borysenko says Coca-Cola is using “for their internal platform.” 

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  1. NYgranny

    February 22, 2021 at 10:30 am

    Coca Cola…what are you thinking? We shoiuldn’t have to alter ourselves to appease others. If you don’t like something about someone, ignor them. Not everything needs to be an issue. When little kids display bad behaviors, the quickest way to halt that behavior is to give absolutely no credence to it. Another stupid move of appeasement because of a handful of people who love to stir up trouble.

  2. Henry

    February 22, 2021 at 10:43 am

    “Niceness is not courageous,” she adds. “Niceness is not anti-racism.” This is so much crap! Where are these people coming from?!! Less white?!

    DiAngelo says. “I think we’re in a current moment of that after eight years of Obama.” When she hears white people say, “I was taught to treat everyone the same,” she says she thinks to herself “this person doesn’t understand basic socialization. This person doesn’t understand culture. This person is not self-aware.” I was taught to treat people the way I would have them treat me. WHERE IS SHE COMING FROM?!! This is what is dividing the races and the democrats are GREAT AT DIVIDING AND LABELING.

  3. Chienlady

    February 22, 2021 at 10:43 am

    this is all disgusting! those of us who grew up as 2nd generation ethnic minorities, ( yes, Greek Americans are Ethnic minorities!) were always “less than, and learned to believe in the American DREAM: this is a country of many ethnic groups! we are a “melting pot” and we all became “one” and “Americans” TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY, AND WORK HARD IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL! STOP calling everyone “white” PRIVELEGED! Most Americans have never felt PRIVELGED, and have grown up color-blind! Creating more color bias will NOT GET RID OF RASCISM!!! it will just make new generations of Americans, and it will continue to fracture this country, instead of making us ONE PEOPLE- ONE AMERICA!

  4. Lorna

    February 22, 2021 at 10:43 am

    Really!! I have never in my life been racist!! What the hell are you all trying to do we are all getting a little sick of the racism towards white people!!

  5. Tom

    February 23, 2021 at 11:47 am

    I have never been racist. If anything I have denied things because of some racist coaches in school. I do know one thing I will change now, I will not drink Coke again.

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Salt Lake City Signs Resolution Declaring ‘Racism’ a ‘Public Health Crisis’



Erin Mendenhall

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall doesn’t want to be outdone by the Lori Lightfoots or Gretchen Whitmers of the world so she has declared “racism” a “public health crisis.” Mendenhall and seven members of the city council have signed a joint resolution declaring racism a public health crisis.

“We are publicly acknowledging the existence of a grave inequity many in our community have long experienced” the Tuesday press release from the Mayor’s office reads. “A resolution to declare racism a public health crisis was initially proposed to the City by a group of community leaders who are in or working toward health-related careers, and it was reviewed and approved by both the City’s Human Rights Coalition and the Commission on Racial Equity in Policing.”

“This is an important declaration for us to make as a city” Mendenhall was quoted in the press release. “Not only are we publicly acknowledging the existence of a grave inequity that many in our community have known and experienced for so long, but we are also committing ourselves to the creation of policies and ordinances that are anti-racist.”

Here’s how the press release attempts to explain the connection between racism and health:

Racism directly impacts access to numerous everyday resources, including education, housing, employment, and healthcare. The cascading effects are known to result in negative outcomes for physical and mental health.

Over the course of the pandemic, the impacts of racism on public health and the heavier burden on the City’s communities of color have been well documented.

At the height of the pandemic, odds of infection were three times more likely in Glendale and two times more likely in Rose Park, where there are high percentages of Latino and nonwhite residents.

Additionally, Latino communities account for 14.2% of Utah’s population, but 40% of the state’s COVID-19 cases, and American Indian and Alaskan Native communities in Utah had a case fatality rate that is roughly three times higher than the state average.

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BLM Protestors Hold City Council Member ‘Hostage,’ Demanding Riot Charges Dropped

Andrea Jenkins says she was held hostage, much like Black businesses and residents in George Floyd Square



Andrea Jenkins

Black Lives Matter protestors surrounded the car of a black, transgender city council vice president Andrea Jenkins at a Pride event in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and held Jenkins “hostage” until the official agreed to sign a list of demands which included dropping the criminal charges against rioters.

Fox News reported, “The incident happened Sunday afternoon while Jenkins was attending the Taking Back Pride event in Loring Park, as the video shows her sitting in the front passenger seat of a white vehicle being blocked by a group of extreme Black Lives Matter demonstrators, many with their cellphones out recording.”

In a video uploaded to Facebook by violent “activist” Donald Hooker Jr., Jenkins can be heard telling someone on the phone, “It might be three days before I get out of here.”

“Hooker shows the camera a list of ‘The People’s Demands’ that Jenkins must agree to before she’s free to leave,” Fox News reported. “The handwritten note calls for the formation of a ‘community police accountability commission,’ to ‘reopen all the cases of murderers,’ to ‘drop the charges for all 646 protesters and other protesters for 2020,’ and to ‘make all information on the murder of Winston Smith available.’ It also demands the resignation of Mayor Jacob Frey and to ‘leave George Floyd Square alone. PERIOD.’”

Fox News added, “The protesters shouted each demand and asked if they had Jenkins’ support. She agreed, ‘Yes,’ to the first few before shaking her head when protesters called for Frey’s resignation. The crowd shouted again until Jenkins finally agreed and she asked, ‘Do you understand English? I already said it.’”

Jenkins released a statement addressing the incident on Tuesday, writing, “On Sunday afternoon, while attending a Pride event in Loring Park, something I’ve done on the last weekend in June for the past 20 plus years, I was verbally attacked, berated and held ‘hostage’ against my will by a large group of angry protesters.”

The statement added, “I continue to be willing to sit down with activists, advocates and protesters to understand their policy change demands and recommendations. I refused however to be bullied and held hostage to somehow accomplish that. Every citizen of this City has a right to bring forward their concerns, but no citizen has the right to detain and coerce anyone to do anything, that includes elected officials.”

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