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Colin Kaepernick Compares NFL Combines to Slavery in Netflix Special



Colin Kaepernick

Wow. Little did we know that enjoying being a spectator and watching an NFL football game is akin to watching slaves battle to the death in a Roman coliseum or bought slaves turned Gladiators forced to fight for their lives against a lion…according to Colin Kaepernick. In his Netflix special, Colin Kaepernick suggests the NFL training camp is synonymous with literally buying slaves. Unreal” tweeted one user.

The famous “woke” football player who has been publicly controversial and started the kneeling phenomenon during the national anthem at games comes out with even more outrageous statements in a new Netflix special.

Kaepernick was “sacked after likening the NFL combine to slavery in the latest example of how reliant the modern left has become on the emotional impact of a practice that hasn’t existed in America since the Civil War era,” writes BizPacReview. “In a new Netflix special, the surly malcontent who became a celebrated figure to the ‘woke’ media…trivializes the suffering of generations of blacks who were horrifically subjugated with his ridiculous comparison.”

“Kaepernick spent half a decade crying that NFL teams wouldn’t give him a shot and now he’s decided that actually being an NFL player is like being a slave. This dude is the most obvious and shameless con artist in modern American history” tweeted Matt Walsh about the special.

The statement is said during a segment from the series “Colin in Black & White” “Kaepernick delivers his message as narrator while the actors portraying players morph into chained captives at an actual slave auction, an assertion so over the top that it borders on parody” adds BizPacReview.

“What they don’t want you to understand is what’s being established is a power dynamic,” says Kaepernick. “Before they put you on the field, teams poke, prod, and examine you searching for any defect that might affect your performance. No boundary is respected. No dignity left intact” he adds.

Media host Clay Travis tweeted, “Colin Kaepernick compares the NFL combine, which allows all players of all races a voluntary chance to become multi-millionaires, to slavery. Anyone still defending this imbecile lacks a functional brain.”

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    November 1, 2021 at 11:43 am

    That’s why he’s out of a job.

  2. Carol

    November 1, 2021 at 2:47 pm

    I love Clay Travis’ comment lacks a functional Brain. And yes anyone listening to this imbecile is also an imbecile. I gave him a little History Lesson on the “Civil Rights Movement” which I lived through as a Child on PARLER. Martin Luther King JR was a magnificent who my Son and I strongly admire. My Son and he share a Birthday, Mr. King. When he SUED the NFL for COLLUSION he had to sign a DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT stating that “HE COULD NEVER WORK IN THE NFL AGAIN. A bit BITTER I’d say. “Suck it up Buttercup.” 🇺🇸.

  3. No1nNE

    November 1, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    This guy sucks at being a QB in the NFL ( thus no one wants him on their team) so he’s just gonna try and degrade the whole system. Only racist people make racist comments.

  4. Mark Albert

    November 1, 2021 at 6:05 pm

    This man so full pf crap, he has not idea what it feels like to be a slave. He was brought up privileged it is obvious that he really does not care about black people just himself.

  5. Mary

    November 1, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    Ok this is very funny to compare a million dollar athlete to a slave! Who paid to watch this spoil rich brat’s movie? Asking for a friend.

  6. Kenneth Shrader

    November 1, 2021 at 10:41 pm

    Fortunately no one cares what Kaepernick has to say! Always a victim.!

  7. Debpauli

    November 2, 2021 at 9:15 am

    I am so tired of these multi millionaire whiny crybabies.🤮

  8. R W

    November 6, 2021 at 12:59 pm

    Well he stands alone with Aaron Rogers where they both can hold hands sinking together !

  9. RC

    November 7, 2021 at 6:56 am

    His white adoptive parents must be so proud. Hypocrite spouts this verbal diarrhea as he makes millions from sponsorships from companies using child labor and slaves in China. Just another silver spooned socialist.

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