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DC Mayor to Add More Police by 2022 in Response to Public Outrage as Crime Surges

Popularity for defunding the police amongst progressives is greatly backfiring as crime rates surge across the United States.



Capitol Police

Popularity for defunding the police amongst progressives is greatly backfiring as crime rates surge across the United States. Washington, D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee says the current state ‘is something that we’ve been warning about for years.”

“We don’t really have the ability to hire officers right now. We have a defined amount of resources to deal with a very large city that continues to grow” added Contee. D.C.’s Mayor is taking action after angry citizens marched in the streets to protest increased gun violence following the deadly shooting of a six-year-old girl riding her scooter.

On Wednesday, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced she plans to add 170 police officers to the city’s force by 2022. “Right now, I have directed MPD to use any overtime necessary to meet our public safety demands,” the Democratic mayor wrote in a statement.

“But we know that is not a complete solution or the right long-term solution. We also know we need all of our officers to be fresh, rested, and in the best position to make good decisions – and that requires having a full force to meet all of our community’s needs” the statement read.

Black Lives Matter protests sparked anti-police sentiments which prompted the D.C. city council to vote to defund the police department by removing $23 million out of its budget to place elsewhere. Although Bowser is a vocal supporter of the BLM movement, she publicly opposed the council’s attempt to defund the police.

Fox news reports “Homicides in the city hit a 16-year high in 2020 and local media outlets reported in April of this year that 2021 was on track to be even deadlier.” Just weeks ago, “gunfire broke out near the Washington Nationals baseball stadium causing players and fans to flee the area in a chaotic scene that drew national attention.” Shortly after the stadium shooting was another one in the upscale Logan Circle neighborhood which caused chaos and left restaurant patrons fleeing.

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  1. Slideglide

    August 3, 2021 at 10:13 am


    Marxism 101 teaches to cause unrest, anarchy, and chaos, then shape the governments response to errode individual freedoms in the name of public safety.

  2. Matthew

    August 6, 2021 at 10:50 am

    Very true. Sadly, when President Trump was in office it seems the masses were enthralled with the news. They couldn’t get enough of the bad press. Now most people I speak with pay little attention to what’s going on in this country and simply roll their eyes and walk away when I share my concerns. We’re headed in the wrong direction, and the ball is rolling very fast.

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