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Dem Senator Joe Manchin ‘Done with Extensions’ as ‘Economy is Coming Back’



Joe Manchin

Even Democrats are starting to get on board that the government needs to stop its federal handouts. With the global coronavirus pandemic, many employers have struggled to find employees willing to come back to the workforce when their alternative is to continue to get paid to do nothing.

Over the weekend, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia indicated he will no longer support extensions of federal aid for gig workers and long-term unemployed Americans past Labor Day in a Democrat-only package, reports Business Insider.

“I’m done with extensions. The economy is coming back” Manchin expressed to Insider. “Look guys, read your own print. Read your own print. The economy is stronger now, the job market is stronger. Nine million jobs we can’t fill. We’re coming back” added the Senator.

Business Insider reports:

The West Virginia senator’s opposition would effectively kill the renewal of those federal aid programs, given all 50 Senate Democrats need to back the party-line bill for it to clear the upper chamber. Democrats are drafting the initial bill, which will pass through the reconciliation process requiring only a simple majority vote sometime this fall.

Nearly 9.4 million people are currently receiving benefits through a pair of pandemic-era federal initiatives: Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), which expanded benefit eligibility to gig workers. Then Pandemic Extended Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) extended how long recipients could collect benefits for. Jobless people also qualify for a $300 federal weekly unemployment supplement.

Currently, unemployment is slated to end September 6th after an extension was given in Biden’s stimulus. While the number of unemployment claims has been falling showing people are returning to work and the economy is making a recovery, some Democrats still want to continue the handout programs.

Former economist to Obama recently supported extending the programs after the September 6th date and “grandfathering” in current recipients. “I would also seriously consider extending the programs and possibly making them contingent on caseload and hospitalization numbers” said Furman who is currently a Harvard professor.

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  1. Slideglide

    August 10, 2021 at 9:52 am


    Manchin cannot be trusted as he has shown to be a Democrat Party stooge.

    He comes off as a Patriot, but his voting history is all Democrat as Schumer commands.

    The real problem in the current Senate, are the Republicans who vote with Democrats, to further their Marxist agenda.

    Our country is on an avalanche of Marxism, with an increasing number of Republicans seeking their share of the “pork barrel” that Democrats are offering in exchange for unrestritive passage into a political whirlpool towards central planning by American Autocrats.

  2. Marcia D'Alcorn

    August 10, 2021 at 9:52 am

    Who doesn’t want to get paid for doing nothing- it’s human nature to be lazy. On the other hand, nothing makes a person feel more worthwhile or just plain good than being able to take care of yourself and your family and saving for the future. This country was based on religious freedom and the opportunity to get ahead. Europe’s downtrodden came here to do just that and to get out from under tyrannical rulers.

  3. WillyB

    August 10, 2021 at 1:15 pm

    Clearly the Democrats want to keep the freebees and handouts going until the 2022 campaigns, so they can use their usual scare tactics to get votes of all those on the dole. If we don’t stop them in 2022, by 2024 there won’t be elections.

  4. Mike

    August 10, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    Why has it taken the Dems sooo long to figure this out. Any normal person with a half an ounce of common sense could have figured that out. No wonder the Dems are doing such a horrible job attempting to run the country.

  5. Rebecca J Spicer

    September 11, 2021 at 11:33 am

    Manchin always says he’s not gonna vote for them the day is the votes that piece of shit votes for, don’t believe him he Faust this shit hoping it will save his votes when he’s up for reelection, he’s a liar and scum like the rest

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Inflation Spiked 7% Past Year, Highest Since 1982



With a 7% spike from last year, inflation has increased at its fastest pace in 40 years. On Wednesday, the labor department reported its measure of inflation “that excludes volatile food and gas prices jumped 5.5% in December, the fastest such increase since 1991. Inflation rose 0.5% overall from November, down from 0.8% the previous month” reports the Associated Press.

National Review reports “the consumer price index, a major inflation gauge, for all items surged 0.5 percent for the month and 7.0 percent for the last twelve months ending in December, representing the largest annual spike since June 1982, when inflation hit 7.1 percent.”

Housing prices and used cars and trucks contributed the most weight to the all items surge. But prices for cars, gas, food and furniture all rose sharply as part of a rapid recovery from the pandemic recession, “that was fueled by vast infusions of government aid and emergency intervention by the Fed, which slashed interest rates.”

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell testified before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Tuesday, warning monetary policy is constrained in its power to curb inflation by the current “era of persistently low interest rates.” Ordinarily, the Fed can hike rates to slow down an overheating economy.

“Recovering from the pandemic, the economy has rebounded well but a bit too fast for many moving parts to catch up to, Powell noted, as supply chains still struggle to meet demand across consumer sectors, resulting in inventory shortages on store shelves and prolonged shipping delays” reports National Review.

“The economy has rapidly gained strength despite the ongoing pandemic, giving rise to persistent supply and demand imbalances and bottlenecks, and thus to elevated inflation. We know that high inflation exacts a toll, particularly for those less able to meet the higher costs of essentials like food, housing, and transportation,” said Powell.

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Federal Debt Equals Roughly $287,859 Per Income-Tax-Paying Household



National Debt Clock
National Debt Clock

The Biden administration wants to increase any taxes they can get their grubby hands-on, and CNS News explains why: because they need it. In an analysis, CNS writes about how as Congress “worked in recent days to increase the legal limit on the federal debt, the Treasury kept that debt artificially frozen at approximately $28.9 trillion, where it stood at the beginning of this week.”

With the limit lifted, the federal debt will increase, “then keep steadily climbing, constantly increasing the burden on future taxpayers.” Here’s the analysis:

In 2018, according to the last complete annual report on individual income tax returns published by the Internal Revenue Service, there were 100,424,240 households in the United States that filed what the IRS calls a “taxable return.” “The taxable and nontaxable classification of a return for this report is determined by the presence of ‘total income tax,'” explained the IRS.

“‘Total income tax,'” it said, “was the sum of income tax after credits.”

In other words, the 100,424,240 households that filed a “taxable return” in 2018 actually paid income taxes to the federal government.

If you divide the $28,908,004,857,445 in debt that the federal government owed before the debt limit was liftedby the 100,424,240 American households that paid net income taxes in 2018, it works out to approximately $287,859 per income-tax-paying household.

In order to understand the magnitude of what this means, CNS compares numbers to 1989:

The year that President Ronald Reagan left office, there were 89,178,355 income-tax-paying households in the United States, according to the IRS. At the end of January that year, the federal debt was $2,697,957,000,000.

That means the federal debt then equaled approximately $30,253 per income-tax-paying household.

Even when the January 1989 federal debt of $30,253 per income-tax-paying household is adjusted into November 2021 dollars (using the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator), it equals only approximately $69,437.

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