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Democrat Senator: More U.S. Troops To Be Sent To Ukraine-Russia Conflict



In discussion of the news that the United States would be sending an additional $1.85 billion in military aid to Ukraine, Democrat Senator Chris Murphy (CT) explained that the United States would be sending troops to countries near Ukraine to assist in their fight against the Russian invasion.

As explained in a press release from the Department of Defense, the $1.85 billion in additional military aid for Ukraine will include “a Patriot air defense battery and munitions.”

The Patriot air defense battery is “a sophisticated air defense system so training will be required and will take some time.” It will “contribute to Ukraine’s air defense systems that have been supplied by the U.S. and allies over the last number of months,” the press release said.

“We need to help Ukraine defend itself,” Murphy said. “Now, the reality is these are complicated systems as you know and it’s going to have a long lead time to get these up and running. We are actually going to have to send some American troops over, not to Ukraine but to places in Germany and Poland to train Ukrainians. So this does obligate more American forces to be in and around that theater.”

“We just want to be clear with the American people, that with the Patriots comes additional U.S. forces that are going to be closer to this conflict. I just think that the cost to the United States is worth it,” he added.

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