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Election 2020

DEMS ON STRIKE: Schumer says Democrats will try to block Barrett confirmation by not giving quorum

This time, Democrats have hit a new low



Chuck Schumer

In a fiery battle for the Supreme Court, Democrats have pulled out all the stops to prevent President Trump’s nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, from taking a seat on the bench. But this time, they’ve hit a new low.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats will not “supply quorum” or votes in the Senate as a way to try and block Barrett’s confirmation.

During a Sunday night press conference, Schumer slammed Republicans for moving forward with Barrett’s confirmation, saying Senate Democrats will do everything they can to prevent the nominee from being confirmed, according to the Daily Caller.

Schumer went on to say that one way Democrats are considering halting the confirmation is by not supplying quorum.

Now, what does quorum mean?

It means that Democrats simply won’t show up; thus, no work can be done.

A quorum, according to Fox News, is the minimum number of members present either in a committee or the entire Senate to conduct business and hold votes. The quorum in the Senate is 51 members.

There are 22 members on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is in charge of the confirmation process, and nine members are required for a quorum in the committee, including at least two from the minority party – in this case, the Democrats.

“We will talk about when the actual vote occurs in committee and on the floor. Democrats will not supply the quorum,” Schumer said during the press conference.


To combat this, Republicans could create and vote on a new rule to end the quorum in committee, or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could introduce a discharge resolution that would make it so there would no longer need to be a committee process and the nomination could be brought to a full vote as planned, Fox News reported.

This announcement comes just as the Judiciary Committee began their confirmation hearing Monday in hopes to confirm Barrett before the election on November 3.

But, Democrats are making it clear that they don’t plan on playing nice.

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  1. Bud Weiser

    October 13, 2020 at 10:12 am

    Democrats can’t win this fight. Judging from the last 4 years, they can’t win any fight.

  2. Big John

    October 13, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    Arrest them and bring them to work!

  3. Karen G Tracy

    October 13, 2020 at 12:42 pm

    To me, if the Democrats follow through with their threat, just tells me they are acting like little children would take their jump rope and go home and not play by the rules. I a so disgusted with all the BS the Democrats have shown us– I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat if my life depended on it! And I used to be a Democrat, but they are not working for the people who elected them to office–they are there just for their own gain.

  4. PB

    October 13, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    How stupid to play a losing game!


    October 13, 2020 at 5:49 pm

    schumer you are so low class; anti Americans, futher you are not fulfilling your duty of your office by casting a vote.

  6. GP

    October 13, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    The Democrats don’t care about what the people want! We should take away their salary and benefits until they start doing something for the American people. I hope McConnell does what is necessary to confirm Barrett before the election!

  7. Glenn

    October 13, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    When have demonRATs ever played nice, let alone spoke the truth or voted pro-American

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Election 2020

Obtained Emails on Election Night Heighten Georgia’s Mysterious Ballot-Counting



Georgia Voting

Just the News has obtained internal emails from election workers in Georgia’s Fulton County has increased confusion and mystery regarding the November presidential elections. As a reminder, Just the News writes, “Uncertainty arose regarding the ballot processing operation at Fulton County’s State Farm Arena on and after Election Night, when ballot-scanning apparently continued even after most election workers had reportedly been sent home.”

Affidavits from Election Night poll workers state they were directed by officials to stop working around 10:30 pm on November 3rd, and return at 8:30 am the next day. Multiple local and national media outlets reported absentee ballot counting stopped around 10:30 pm and cited county spokeswoman Regina Waller.

In truth, counting at the State Farm Arena continued past 10:30 pm. Waller herself told JTN in December that contrary to media reports, many citing her, that she had “stated to all media…that although several workers were released to go home, a small team remained behind to assist with scanning ballots.”

Through an open records request, JTN obtained a few suspect emails, in which Waller does in fact state counting ended at around 10:30 pm. The email, timestamped at 10:22 pm on Nov. 3, addressed to several county officials as well as State Farm Arena spokesman Garin Narain stated, “the workers in the Absentee Ballot Processing area will get started again at 8 am tomorrow.”

When reached for comment via email, Waller only stated the email “was in response to a question received asking when all workers would return” but did not respond to a request to see the original email to which she was responding. So then why did she keep a “small” team behind?

Another email from Fulton County Interagency Affairs Manager Fran Phillips-Calhoun timestamped at 11:15 pm that same night, almost an hour after Waller said counting stopped, Phillips-Calhoun’s email may suggest otherwise. “FYI-[the Secretary of State’s office] just sort of threw the team under the bus stating that ‘we had a great day, but we decided to throw in the towel for the night even though the public is waiting…’ on the results.”

Phillips-Calhoun’s email was sent to Waller and several other county staffers. Phillips-Calhoun did not respond to requests for comment, nor did the message specify which statement from the Secretary of State’s office she was referring to.

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Pro-Trump super PAC rebrands to ‘stop Joe’s corruption, socialist agenda, liberalism’

It’s new name? Committee to Defeat the President. 



A super PAC that heavily supported President Trump during the 2020 presidential campaign is changing its direction to focus on the new administration. 

The Committee to Defend the President officially rebranded itself on Wednesday as Joe Biden takes office. Its mission is now aimed at taking down the incoming democrat. 

It’s new name? Committee to Defeat the President. 

During the 2020 campaign cycle, the PAC reportedly raised more than $16 million to support Trump and his “America First policy agenda, BizPacReview reports. The group will now focus on “undermining” Biden’s agenda. 

“NEW NAME. SAME MISSION. KEEP AMERICA GREAT & STOP JOE’s Corruption…Socialist Agenda…Liberalism,” the website says. 

The committee told Fox News it plans to match its 2020 fundraising during the 2022 election cycle, and pledges a seven-figure investment “to expose the Biden-Harris administration and other Democrats for their left-wing politics.” 

The group will push new ads, opposition research, social media engagement, and “other innovative tactics.” 

The PAC’s “new mission is to save Americans from the radical, dangerous policies of the Biden-Harris administration,” Ted Harvey, the group’s chairman, said. 

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will work around the clock to reverse the unprecedented progress of the Trump presidency,” Harvey added. 

“From day one, we simply cannot let that happen. It is our patriotic duty to work around the clock and stop them – before the damage done to America becomes irreversible,” he said. 

But, this isn’t the first time the PAC has switched gears. 

Founded in 2013, it was originally called the Stop Hillary Pac, according to BizPacReview. 

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