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Evidence of Democrats’ hypocrisy over illegal migrant transportation couldn’t be more obvious



Republican lawmakers are calling out the extreme hypocrisy of the actions Democrats and sanctuary cities have taken in response to the arrival of very few illegal immigrants. The Biden administration chartered multiple flights in April of underaged migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to Westchester, New York. Some of the flights took place during the day, but many secretly arrived in the middle of the night with zero information made public.

Daily Mail reports, “Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida compared the outrage at Texas and Florida to the relatively muted response to ‘ghost flights’ of mostly underage migrants sent by the Biden administration in the middle of the night.”

“Those are Biden administration/taxpayer-funded contracts with a number of NGOs that are flying these people in the dead of night to all of these same locations, then it’s fine,” Waltz told Fox News late last week.

“But if you have [Florida] Governor DeSantis or [Texas] Governor Abbott or [Arizona] Governor Ducey doing it in the middle of the day when everyone can see it, then suddenly we’re up in arms and having a collective political meltdown” said Waltz.

Up in arms and political meltdown is exactly what occurred on Martha’s Vineyard. “Last year, Martha Vineyard leadership said they’d love Martha’s Vineyard to be a ‘haven’ for immigrants,” Senator Tec Cruz wrote on Twitter. “But with just 50 illegal aliens, it just took 24 hour before they deported them out of the Vineyard!”

The Daily Mail adds:

The White House has decried the Republican governors’ efforts, saying the migrants, mostly from Venezuela, were being used in a political stunt.

‘These were children. They were moms. They were fleeing communism. And what did Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott do to them? They used them as political pawns, treated them like chattel,’ White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press briefing on Friday.

She said: ‘This is an issue that is inhumane it is abhorrent and we should not be using people, migrants, who are fleeing communism as a political pawn.’

On Saturday, Senator Cruz tweeted President Joe Biden is “the biggest human trafficker on the face of the planet.”

Texas state Attorney General Ken Paxton called Governor Abbott’s decision to send migrants to outside of Vice President Kamala Harris’ DC residence “amazing.” In an interview with Sean Hannity Friday, Paxton exclaimed, “They’ve had to deal with this crisis over the last two years. And I love that they’re highlighting the hypocrisy.”

Paxton continued, “Del Rio, a town of 36,000, had 50 percent more people show up at their door, and we had to deal with it. There was no complaining by the liberal elite.”

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