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Fetterman Claims He’s Been ‘Transparent’ About Health, Despite Never Releasing Medical Records



During an appearance on “The View” on Friday, Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman claimed to the leftist panel that he has been “transparent” about his health since his stroke in May that has left potentially permanent auditory processing issues — despite refusing to release his full medical records and his campaign dismissing the severity of the incident.

Fetterman appeared remotely on the show as he utilized a closed-captioning monitor so he could somewhat circumvent his auditory processing issues.

“I continue to get better and better every day,” Fetterman claimed when asked by co-host Joy Behar what his doctors are saying about his recovery.

“And, you know, we’re running a successful campaign here at the highest levels,” he added. “So I really do fundamentally believe that both our doctors — we believe we are fit to serve.”

Ana Navarro questioned Fetterman further on the subject.

“Since your stroke, you’ve only released two letters from your doctor and said you will not release your full medical records,” Navarro said. “Do you feel you owe voters full transparency, or have you been transparent enough? In that you can get the job done.”

“I really feel that we have been leaving the same medical equivalent — information that Dr. Oz did,” Fetterman responded.

“And, you know, we’ve been running a campaign, and I think we have been very transparent in all our doctors’ beliefs, both from June and also in October. All agree that I am fit to serve,” he continued, adding, “I feel that we’re running a very transparent race about health issues.”

Notably, Fetterman’s doctor who wrote the letters saying he was capable of working “full duty in public office,” Dr. Clifford Chen, has donated thousands of dollars to Democrats and at least $1,330 in the last year to Fetterman’s campaign.

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