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Former CDC Director Says Classified Information Supports Lab Leak Theory



Robert Redfield

Former CDC Director Robert Redfield told Fox News that he believes COVID-19 came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology after viewing classified information that supported the theory.

When asked about claims the COVID-19 outbreak began in a lab, Redfield responded, “Well, my professional opinion, as a virologist, is that’s the hypothesis that I support.”

“I had a very high-security clearance to work with the State Department and the national security group, including the secretary, Pompeo, where we reviewed material together to try to understand, help him understand what it meant scientifically,” Redfield said. “I don’t know if he also asked Dr. Fauci to do the same. But I would say I had probably the highest clearance within the agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services, and therefore was privy to a lot of information, some of which now has been declassified.”

“And I think, as you see more and more of it declassified, people start saying, well, wait a minute, maybe we ought to look at this other hypothesis at least with the same rigor,” he continued. “And then, unfortunately, like I mentioned, those scientists and Lancet decided to almost try to power-play you that this is the only way you can think. And I think we’re seeing now that there’s an opening of the scientific community to say, wait a minute, we need to look at both possibilities, and we need to be scientific about this.”

Redfield’s comments come the week after Dr. Steven Quay and UC Berkeley emeritus professor of physics Richard Muller wrote a Wall Street Journal opinion article arguing COVID-19 was engineered in a lab, citing a genomic sequence that has “never been observed in a natural coronavirus” but is frequently used in laboratory work.

The article also points to additional evidence for COVID-19’s “gain-of-function origin.” The scientists wrote highlighted the “dramatic differences in the genetic diversity of [COVID-19] compared with the coronaviruses responsible for SARS and MERS. Both of those were confirmed to have a natural origin; the viruses evolved rapidly as they spread through the human population until the most contagious forms dominated. Covid-19 didn’t work that way. It appeared in humans already adapted into an extremely contagious version. No serious viral ‘improvement’ took place until a minor variation occurred many months later in England.”

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