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Former Gang Member and Officer Recreate Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ In Heartwarming Message of Unity

The video is a message of hope and unity, showing that “together, we are better”



Bon Jovi

One former gang member who has devoted his life to protecting youth from going down the same path he did has teamed up with a police officer in the most beautiful and inspirational way. Will Keeps and Des Moines Police Officer Mike Moody combined musical talents to create a heartwarming music video of Jon Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer.’ The video is a message of hope and unity, showing that “together, we are better.”

Will’s story is truly inspirational. He was molested at the young age of 7 by his stepfather. Looking for safety and a sense of family and belonging he turned to a life of gangs. He witnessed the murders of his friends and was left for dead himself.

Will used music for healing and his talent eventually led him to follow a better path. Will has devoted his entire adult life to keeping children and youth out of gangs, primarily through education. Will raised money for his education program “Starts Right Here” and built a school in Des Moines for at-risk youth.

Will is a model example of working across party lines to help his community. He has maintained relationships with not only the Des Moines Police Department but also Iowa Republicans including Governor Kim Reynolds and Lt. Governor Adam Gregg who both appear in this music video.

In the music video, Will and Officer Moody sit on the steps of “the porch” inside Will’s school. The porch is significant to Will as a safe place where conversations are had. Will and Officer Moody hope their video provides lightness and a sense of Hope during tumultuous and divisive times because “together, we are better.”

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  1. Glenda Baker

    March 19, 2021 at 8:40 am

    This is so beautiful. God bless them both.

  2. Brian J Foust

    March 19, 2021 at 8:41 am

    THAT was great !! I hope your message is heard because we cant keep going the way we are heading….who would have ever thought a gang member and a cop…lol…..beautiful together

  3. Debbie

    March 19, 2021 at 9:21 am

    Wow! What a fantastic duo! Their voices match so perfectly to make such a beautiful and powerful song! I expected to hear something pretty ok, but they blew me away! What a great story upon a story. I hope this gets heard EVERYWHERE! They are an inspiration to everyone! And thank you, Leo, for showing this. They need to be heard.

  4. Shirley

    March 19, 2021 at 9:25 am

    Amazing! This is what life is all about.

    Stop the hate and love one another…..

    We are all part of the same connection no matter where we come from❤️

    They should also make more music together. I would buy it!!!!

  5. Steve Rosenkranz

    March 19, 2021 at 9:43 am

    That was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing their video. You have no idea how much I needed that. The world needs more understanding, caring, and compassion, and I am grateful to Mr. Keeps and Officer Moody for sharing theirs.

  6. jbs

    March 19, 2021 at 9:48 am

    Heartwarming, a cool rendition of the song and a lifelong friendship created. Great article.

  7. Lane A. Katz

    March 19, 2021 at 10:07 am

    Awesome and an amazing great message! It is great to see an act of Kindness! An Act of Kindness and togetherness goes a very long way! Live with Passion!

  8. Mary

    March 19, 2021 at 10:32 am


  9. eileen dover lee

    March 19, 2021 at 11:35 am

    BEAUTIFUL harmony! It’s SO WONDERFUL that they show that no matter our backgrounds we can help each other! toward each other That’s the way God intended us to be. Thank you for making this inspiring song and video, and God Bless you for pulling our lost and hurt ones into the light of love and acceptance . Please continue with this GREAT work!!

  10. Susie Tippit

    March 19, 2021 at 12:46 pm

    I can’t watch the video, seems to be buffering to the extreme, cancel culture at it again

  11. Anne Penwright

    March 19, 2021 at 5:18 pm

    What a beautiful message. I had forgotten the words … and I’m inspired to “live on a prayer” thanks to these exceptional young men. Adults, yes … nut young enough to make our world a much better place. Thanks for sharing this beautiful, inspirational message.

  12. Terry

    March 19, 2021 at 5:21 pm

    This is absolutely beautiful! It made me cry & I got chills just listening to it…..stunning version… needs to be on a CD or we need to be able to download it.

  13. thomas lino deconcini

    March 19, 2021 at 9:25 pm


  14. Steve Blankenship

    March 20, 2021 at 10:00 pm

    Freaking great post and very inspirational Leo! Muchas gracias señor!

  15. Dianna

    March 24, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    This is beautiful and it represents two people of the opposite worlds to come together. Unity
    Please make more videos and cover music to get the word out that this can be done

  16. T M

    March 25, 2021 at 10:18 am

    Real unity, not that fake stuff the left spews.

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