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Fox News Poll: 50% Support Southern Border Wall

Those who oppose a wall is 46%, which is a new low




A Fox News survey finds that half of American voters support a border wall between the United States and Mexico.  Those who favor building the wall is up to 50%, a large increase from only 44% in December of 2019. Those who oppose a wall is 46%, which is a new low, down from 52% who opposed a wall in December of 2019.

Fox News reports “the shift comes mostly from women (+8), whites, (+7), Republicans (+6), Democrats (+5), and Blacks (+5) being more likely to favor it now compared to 2019. A switch of mentality on immigrants has also changed.

“The number saying immigrants hurt the country has risen 15 percentage points since 2019 when 24 percent felt that way.” In 2019, 24 percent said immigrants “hurt the country” and now it is up to 39 percent. The percentage of those who believe immigrants help the country has stayed at 48 percent from 2019 to now.

In 2019 21 percent chose the alternative to help or hurt, “depends.” Now, a much lower 11 percent chose “depends.” The survey also asked about what should happen to children at the border who arrive without any parent or guardian.

“A majority, 58 percent, says allow them to enter the country, either to be cared for by religious or charitable organizations (40 percent) or housed in government facilities until relatives can be found (18 percent).” 38 percent believe they should be returned to their home country.

It was also asked how voters perceive President Biden to be handling the issues. “President Biden is in negative territory when it comes to handling immigration (38 percent approve vs. 57 percent disapprove) and border security (40-56).”

Republican pollster Daron Shaw who conducted the Fox News poll with Democrat Chris Anderson said, “given the recent surge in illegal crossings, and the particular uptick in unaccompanied minors at the border, it is unsurprising that Biden receives his worst marks on these issues.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Carolyn Jones

    May 30, 2021 at 12:54 pm

    I find it hard to believe that only 50% of this country support the wall! I alone am worth another 50%. I despise the unelected so-called “President” and his evil Democratic thugs. Are those people crazy, or what?? It took only 4 years for the REAL President, Donald J. Trump, to make our country Utopia. He loved this wonderful country, and “Sippy Cup” ( Sean’s terrific nickname is dead on!) Hidin’ Biden stayed in the basement relaxing daily. He didn’t have to stump because he knew damned well he would win. Democrats made a deal with ol’ Joe that if he did everything they wanted, he would be president. He did, and all the evil D’s are now destroying this country. I believe that calling a person “Democrat” is the worst epithet one can call another person.

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