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Garland says Antifa attacks may not be domestic terrorism depending on the time of day

“Both are criminal, but one is a core attack on our democratic institutions.”



During the first day of his confirmation hearings, Judge Merrick B. Garland – President Biden’s nominee for attorney general – told the Senate Judiciary Committee that there’s a distinction between an attack on government property at night and during the day: one is domestic terrorism, while the other may not be.

“Let me ask you about assaults on federal property in places other than Washington D.C. – Portland, for instance, Seattle – do you regard assaults on federal courthouses or other federal property as acts of domestic extremism, domestic terrorism?” Missouri Senator Josh Hawley asked.

“Well, Senator, my own definition, which is about the same as the statutory definition, is the use of violence or threats of violence in an attempt to disrupt democratic processes,” he said. 

“So, an attack on a courthouse while in operation, trying to prevent judges from actually deciding cases that blatantly is domestic extremism, domestic terrorism,” he continued. 

“An attack simply on a government property at night or any other kind of circumstances is a clear crime and a serious one and should be punished. I don’t know enough about the facts of the example you’re talking about but that’s where I draw the line,” he added. 

“Both are criminal, but one is a core attack on our democratic institutions.”

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  1. AJ Maimbourg

    February 23, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    VIOLENCE IS VIOLENCE NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF DAY IT IS! We cannot allow this demented person to be our new Attorney General!

  2. Lin

    February 23, 2021 at 5:28 pm

    DUH——–an attack is an attack!!!!!!!!!

  3. kAmA

    February 24, 2021 at 9:59 am

    This damn moron – all the Biden ‘picks’ are morons, look at the Levine freak of nature!!! The hypocrisy is maddening – look what was done in Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Minnesota, Green Bay – ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

  4. Craig Kaufman

    February 25, 2021 at 9:23 am

    These asshats can’t be serious. Demorats are the most hypocritical bunch. Two sets of laws….one for them, one for the Conservatives….keep your powder dry!

  5. H. Jones

    March 10, 2021 at 10:56 am

    So, in daytime, when people could get hurt, it is not but at night, when the building is empty, it is??? None of these people can answer straight questions with a straight answer! And you can see how they revel in their contempt for us, the voters, screaming into our faces, showing us that we have nothing to say. They are in power and they will do everything with whatever means it takes, to stay there.

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BLM DC Makes Vile Comment about Officers Called ‘Heroes’ When Shot in the Line of Duty




A suspect is still at large after opening fire on police officers in Northwest D.C. Sunday night. One officer was shot, and fortunately suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was released from the hospital after being treated.

Black Lives Matter took the opportunity to make vicious remarks about cops who are targeted. The D.C. Police Department gave a press conference detailing the situation that had occurred and applauded the police department for “courageously” chasing the suspect before he was able to evade police.

The Police Chief asked for citizens to avoid the area where the suspect was last seen and encouraged the public to reach out to their department with any information that could be helpful to the case.

Black Lives Matter took the opportunity to promote its #StopMPD campaign and warn against “copaganda.” Black Lives Matter DC’s official Twitter account posted:

“This is the point we’ve been making for months, Look at the reaction and coverage tonight. Tearjerker press conferences and proclamations of heroes coming soon. Imagine if people knew these folks’ names. Being Black in DC is more dangerous than any job.”

In a follow-up tweet, the account stated “This isn’t to say these scenarios represent what happened tonight, but it does explain our skepticism, interest in details, and highlights the difference in how people talk and act when an officer is hurt vs when they hurt a Black person. No one asks what the cop did wrong.”

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Another Victim Thrown on NYC Subway Tracks, 62-Year-Old Man Suffered Lacerated Leg



NYC Subway

Just over a week ago, 40-year-old Asian American Michelle Alyssa Go was pushed to her death in front of a train on the subway tracks of New York City’s Times Square. Another individual was shoved onto the tracks on Sunday.

New York Police Department said both attacks were unprovoked and called upon leadership officials to do more to protect the city’s citizens. Sunday’s victim was a 62-year-old man whose name has not been publicly released.

He was pushed onto the tracks in Lower Manhattan’s southbound train at the Fulton Street subway station. He sustained a leg laceration and police said there have not yet been any arrests in connection with the incident.

Go’s attacker was identified as Martial Simon, a 61-year-old homeless man with a history of violence and mental health issues. He was charged with second-degree murder. The New York Times reported that shortly before Go’s death, another woman saw him acting suspiciously and later told police she was afraid he was going to push her onto the tracks.

Subway attacks are the latest increase of issues that face Democrat New York Mayor Eric Adams. Adams has pledged to fight crime but has already implemented plans to minimize punishments for criminals in an effort to keep young men, particularly of color, out of prison.

Despite overall subway riding being down since the pandemic, the subway system has seen an increase in assaults last year. “According to the NYPD, 461 felony assaults were reported on the subway system in 2021, of which 30 involved a person being pushed onto the subway tracks. That’s an increase from the year before when there were 26 reported subway-pushing incidents” reports The Washington Post.

New York’s liberal leadership have been vocal supporters of the defund the police movement and saw the city turn to the wild west with protestors taking over the city during the Black Lives Matter movement shortly after George Floyd’s death. Rising crime and gun violence have plagued the city.

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