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‘Get Vaccinated’ To Prepare For Hurricanes: Biden’s Previous Advice Circulates As Florida Prepares For Hurricane Ian



As Florida prepared for a powerful Category 4 hurricane to make landfall, a video circulated online of President Biden telling Americans ahead of last year’s hurricane season that a “vital part” of preparing for hurricanes was getting “vaccinated now.”

“Let me be clear: If you’re in a state where hurricanes often strike—like Florida or the Gulf Coast or into Texas—a vital part of preparing for hurricane season is to get vaccinated now,” Biden said at the time.

“Everything is more complicated if you’re not vaccinated and a hurricane or a natural disaster hits,” Biden added.

On Wednesday afternoon, Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida as a powerful Category 4 hurricane. With 150 mph winds, Hurricane Ian is tied for the 4th strongest hurricane to ever strike Florida, according to meteorologist Philip Klotzbach.

In response to the hurricane, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that his administration mobilized “fleets of highwater vehicles, 42,000 linemen, 7,000 National Guardsmen and 179 aircraft.”

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