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Harris’ New Comms Director Previously Said Biden Shouldn’t Get Too Comfortable with Black Vote

Jamal Simmons called Kamala Harris a ‘Winged Bird’



Jamal Simmons
Jamal Simmons

There has been a lot of shakeup in the vice president’s staff after multiple reports surfaced about how Kamala Harris oversaw a hostile work environment. We can’t imagine things getting any less hostile with her latest hire around.

Harris hired Jamal Simmons to be her new communications director after Ashley Etienne left in December. Simmons has quite the past of controversial statements, some even not-so-flattering for the current administration.

In 2019 Simmons hosted a news show for The Hill called “Why You Should Care” in which he did a specific segment called “Dazed & Confused” dedicated to making fun of Joe Biden for his multitude of exaggerated and conflated stories he has told for years.

In 2020 Simmons warned then-candidate Biden not to get “too comfortable” with the Black vote. He tweeted, “I think #JoeBiden’s heart is in the right place but I just heard the perfect summation of his position. ‘Black ppl are happy to have Biden at the cookout but he should remember he didn’t get the original invitation on his own. He was a plus-one.’ Don’t get too comfortable.”

In July 2019 Simmons wrote, “Prior to the debate I had been having bad feelings about the Harris campaign. It seemed listless, unfocused. These lackluster fundraising totals are not a surprise. I’m curious to see how this changes over the summer, now that Kamala’s poll numbers have increased and Biden seems more like a winged bird than the inevitable nominee.”

Simmons also accused the Trump administration of “pushing a janky science vaccine” when he was getting the COVID-19 vaccination to market. Of course that ‘janky science’ that Democrats are now mandating no longer applies now that Trump is no longer in the White House. During the presidential debates, Harris also vowed to never take a vaccine that was created under the Trump administration.

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