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Hunter Biden latest video: Nude water slide riding with hookers at 4k per night Malibu rental



Images obtained and published by The Daily Mail show more damning proof of the wild and irresponsible life of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Images are from a “wild” video that takes place at a $4,140 per night Malibu rental property.

In the video, Hunter is completely nude acting like a child at a theme park riding down a waterslide and engaging with hookers.  The video is the latest in the trove of treasures unearthed from Hunter’s abandoned personal laptop.

According to Daily Mail, the footage is from 2018 when he “invited prostitutes to his wild pool parties and even took one photo showing two hookers naked in the hot tub with a jar of marijuana nearby.”

“At one point, Biden shucks his pants and clambers up a flight of stairs to the top of the waterslide accompanied by the sound of giggling women, then rides it down into the swimming pool with full frontal nudity that the outlet blurred out as a courtesy to readers.”

Biz Pac Review reports on the comparison to other leaked footage and images of Hunter’s shenanigans:

While it’s certainly not as graphic in nature as other videos from the “laptop from hell” featuring nudity, heavy drug use and graphic sexual activity with hookers, it keeps Hunter Biden in the headlines at a time when questions continue to swirl about his shady foreign business dealings that could be problematic to his father and the Democratic Party, which is pulling out all the stops to retain its one-party governing majority in the upcoming midterms.

On Sunday, President Joe Biden told CBS his son was among the “smartest” people he knows and that he has not seen any activity by his son that could threaten the president nor the American people.

However, earlier this week, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee “enabled the coverup of the first son’s corrupt activity – a potential threat to national security – when they blocked a Republican effort to get access to documents on his business dealings with foreigners which is at best murky and at worst, peddling his father’s influence, which in a country with an honest media, would be a major scandal with the potential to bring down a presidency” adds Biz Pac.

“One thing is for sure and that is that Hunter Biden is a treasure trove for the tabloids and there are likely even more degenerate acts captured on video on the smoking laptop just waiting to be publicly revealed.”

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