Joe Biden Falsely Told High School Students He Attended Black College Where He Was A Keynote Speaker

Delaware State University denied that Biden was ever a student there — after the former VP claimed he “got started” at the historically black college
Biden Confused

Last October former vice president Joe Biden was attempting yet another way to appeal to Black voters by discussing his educational background. Speaking positively about historically black colleges and universities, called HBCU’s, he said he attended one: “I got started out of a HBCU, Delaware State” he said.

Biden was speaking to Wilson High School in Florence, South Carolina before the Democratic primary. The High School “was founded in 1866 by the Freedmen’s Bureau for Black children seeking an education” according to the New York Post. “Now, I don’t want to hear anything negative about Delaware State. They’re my folks” he teased with the group.

Apparently, Biden’s claim was not just his stereotypical gaffe, but an actual lie. Biden was “awarded an honorary doctoral degree” but “Vice President Biden did not attend DSU” said the college’s director of news service, Carlos Holmes.

The Post reports Biden “Was only a commencement keynote speaker in 2003 and 2016 – a far cry from the start of the political career for Biden, who has been a Senator for Delaware since 1973.” What do we know of Biden’s educational past? He graduated from the University of Delaware, which is 40 miles away from DSU, the State College founded in 1891 for Colored Students.

Biden graduated with a double major in political science and history from the University of Delaware in 1965. He then attended Syracuse University College of Law, “where he failed a class after being accused of plagiarism. His career since then has been dogged by accusations of misleading voters, including others over his education” writes The Post.

Biden’s campaign has not yet responded to The Post’s requests for comments on the matter.

  1. Biden is a born liar…and the hilarious part is this idiots he’s lying too will all go vote Biden like good little boys and girls instead of using their damned brains.

  2. He was referring to getting his political career started as he held his first rally at DSU. I’m sure you know that but choose to publish the misleading story regardless.

    1. He had been in politics for thirty years by the FIRST time he was the keynote speaker. However, I know that you don’t want to use your mind to determine that he was misleading (lying to) the voters. Whatever you want to believe. If you want to be a sheep….

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