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Millionaires Who Want Taxes Raised on Rich Protest in Front of Bezos Home, DC Locations on Tax Day




The Group ‘Patriotic Millionaires’ are protesting on the May 17th tax deadline, asking the rich to pay more taxes. In particular, the group will be stopping in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ homes to demand he “Cut the bull****. Tax the rich.”

Leaders of the Patriotic Millionaires club, whose members state annual incomes of over $1 million or assets worth over $5 million, told CNBC they are organizing a group of 30 protesters. “The group plans to launch its Tax Day campaign on Monday and includes mobile billboards that will make stops in front of Bezos’ homes in New York and Washington” reports CNBC.

The mobile billboards will also be staked by the group in front of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Washington home and offices of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer in NYC, as well as other DC locations “including the Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable, Heritage Foundation, Democratic National Committee, Americans for Tax Reform, the IRS and former President Donald Trump’s Old Post Office hotel.”

Progressives want “the rich” to continue to pay higher and higher taxes, in addition to Biden and Democratic lawmakers moving to raise taxes on corporations and individuals making over $400,000 annually to help pay for his controversial $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

Erica Payne, founder and president of Patriotic Millionaires told CNBC Friday “Jeff Bezos is the poster child for the total idiocy of the country’s tax code.” She says Bezos’ extreme wealth means he should be paying more in taxes and brought up Bezos is reportedly building a roughly 417-foot yacht that will cost upwards of $500 million.

CNBC reports the Patriotic Millionaires support Senator Elizabeth Warren’s ultra-millionaires tax plan, which would put a 2% annual tax on wealth over $50 million, rising to 3% for wealth over $1 billion.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Clyde Alexander

    May 19, 2021 at 12:50 pm

    I agree if Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosy, Aoc, and all these congressmen/women, senators want to raise taxes on the rich time for them to start paying up themselves

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