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New Yorkers Angrily Yelled Obscenities at Mayor de Blasio as he Walked in Columbus Day Parade



The chants “F*** Joe Biden” have added a second chorus in New York City directed at mayor Bill de Blasio. The Mayor experienced ruthless obscenities and comments directed at him during Monday’s Columbus Day Parade.

The mayor walked in the parade, passing comments such as “F**k you, you piece of s**t” which made the crowd erupt in applause. “F**k you, de Blasio. You piece of garbage” screamed another as the mayor was walking down Fifth Avenue.

“Get out of here, you piece of s**t. You’re garbage.” Suzan Miller, who attended the parade waving an Italian flag and lives in the East Village explained the crowd’s sentiment to the New York Post.

“I love my New York people. I love my blue. I’m tired of the crime. I’m tired of him dividing people. He can go to God—- hell” said Miller. Other things yelled at the mayor caught by The Post include:

“Yeah for the FDNY, boo for you,” one said.

“Can’t wait for you to leave,” jeered another at the lame-duck mayor.

“You suck,” one taunted de Blasio with their thumbs down.

The crowd did not let up when de Blasio was taking photos with Cardinal Timothy Dolan on the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Archbishop Dolan defended the mayor to The Post saying, “All I can say is this: He and I have gotten along well. We talk candidly and disagree on stuff, but he’s been a gentleman. We’ve worked together. Have there been controversies? Sure.” He added, “in general, I’m grateful-very grateful- that we got along so well.”

The Post reports:

Though he is of Italian ancestry through his mother’s side, de Blasio has often not enjoyed a close relationship with the Big Apple’s Italian American community.

In 2019, the mayor was ripped when his wife, Chirlane McCray, removed Mother Frances Cabrini, America’s first canonized saint, from a list of honored women under consideration for a statue in the five boroughs.

Last year, de Blasio sparked outrage from his fellow Italian Americans when the city public school system scrapped Columbus Day, replacing it with Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Also in 2020, de Blasio was excluded from New York’s major Columbus Day event. The head of the Columbus Citizens Foundation told The Post that the mayor was not invited to speak at the virtual event after the cancellation of the in-person occasion due to the pandemic.

“No, he wasn’t invited,” Angelo Vivolo, chairman of the foundation that hosts the annual Columbus Day Parade, told The Post at the time.

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POLL: Huge One Year Swing of Independent Voters Saying Government ‘Doing too Much’



White House

What a difference a year can make. Particularly a year filled with government infringements and overreaching. In a Gallup poll released Thursday, findings show Americans have drastically shifted perspective on how much they want the government involved in their lives.

Gallup News tweeted the results along with the headline “Americans again favor a reduced government role in solving problems facing the country after supporting a more active government role last year.”

52% percent of those polled say the government is doing too much on issues that should be dealt with by businesses and individuals. Only 43% say the government needs to do more to address citizens’ problems.

The numbers have almost flopped from only one year ago when 54% said the government should be doing more, and 41% disagreed. The annual Gallup Governance survey was conducted September 1-17.

The Gallup Poll release stated “the shift toward favoring a more active government role in 2020 was seen among Democrats and independents but not Republicans — likely a response to the coronavirus pandemic and in particular to then-President Donald Trump’s approach to handling it.”

“Trump generally opposed government efforts designed to slow the spread of the virus, such as face mask requirements and business and school closures.” The poll found independent voters shifted their opinions greatly.

“The percentage of independents who said the government’s doing too many things jumped from 38% in 2020 to 57% this year. Republicans edged up from 74% to 80% and Democrats crept up from 13% to 18%.”

Gallup also highlighted the fact that 2020 was only the second time in the poll’s 29 years of asking about the role of government that at least half of Americans supported an active role for government. The first time occurred in 2001 in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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Former Obama Ethics Chief Slams Psaki Over Dismissing Questions On Hunter Biden



Walter Shaub

Walter Shaub, the former head of the federal government’s ethics office under President Barack Obama, slammed White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday in response to her dismissal of questions about whether the identity of buyers for Hunter Biden’s art would stay anonymous.

“At least five prints of Hunter Biden’s artwork have already been sold for $75,000 each and a team of lawyers is vetting potential patrons who plan to attend his upcoming gallery show in New York City — which has now been delayed until the spring,” The New York Post reported last week. “It’s unclear who purchased the reproductions — which cost a fraction of the top price of $500,000 for an original piece by President Biden’s scandal-scarred son — or if any more were sold after the LA show opened.”

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Psaki told a reporter asking about the anonymity of the buyers of Hunter Biden’s art, “I know this is your favorite topic, but it, again — it still is the purview of the gallerist. We still do not know and will not know who purchases any paintings. And the President remains proud of his son.”


“These are legitimate questions,” Shaub said in response to Psaki’s comments. “It’s disappointing to hear [Psaki] send a message that the WH thinks the public has no right to ask about ethics. After the last 4 years, these questions have never been more important. I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but this stuff matters.”

“There is no ethics program in the world that can be built around the head of state’s staff working with a dealer to keep the public in the dark about the identities of individuals who pay vast sums to the leader’s family member for subjectively priced items of no intrinsic value,” Shaub tweeted Wednesday. “If this were Trump, Xi [Jinping] or [Vladimir] Putin, you’d have no doubt whatsoever that this creates a vehicle for funneling cash to the first family in exchange for access or favors. Nor would you doubt that the appearance of monetizing the presidency was outrageous.”

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