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Obama’s B*&%*&^t Birthday Bash Forced to be ‘Scaled Back’ After Public Backlash

Even Democrats said in the light of the delta variant and mask mandate reinstatements, the big bash was unacceptable.



Barack Obama

It was almost the biggest birthday bash of the century. Former President Barack Obama was going to celebrate his 60th birthday at his lavish Martha’s Vineyard estate, surrounded by…a bunch of hypocrites. Unfortunately for the former president, when his party plans were published in the media, the public let loose. Even Democrats said in the light of the delta variant and mask mandate reinstatements, the big bash was unacceptable.

Wouldn’t you know, conveniently a short three days later, endearing headlines flood mainstream media with articles titled “Obama Scales Back.” The media continues to flatter him despite his ridiculous plans encompassing virtually everything liberals say they stand against.

Even the New York Times admits things didn’t look great:

Hundreds of former Obama administration officials, celebrities and Democratic donors had been planning to attend the party at Mr. Obama’s island mansion, with many of them renting houses on the island. Many guests were already in transit and others were scheduling the required coronavirus tests whose results they had to submit to a medical “coronavirus coordinator” to gain entry to the Obama compound when they were informed Tuesday night that they were no longer invited. The New York Post had reported that George Clooney, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey were all expected to attend..

…Mr. Obama, however, had at first appeared eager to carry on with his plans, displaying what some Democrats supportive of Mr. Obama said they viewed as a casual disregard for the optics of his birthday bash. Even as cities like Washington reimposed mask mandates indoors, a source involved in the planning of Mr. Obama’s birthday party said the event would go on as planned, underscoring that it would be outdoors and all guests would be following C.D.C. public health protocols.

Taking coronavirus tests and submitting information to a medical “coronavirus coordinator?” Sounds like all the precautions Democrats should be implementing on U.S. borders; not a birthday party where elite celebrities and millionaires can be exempt from their own guidelines and mandates imposed on everyone else.

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  1. Jack

    August 5, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    Why don’t you move the party to the border and welcome all the new citizens and show them as good time. Or is that against dem policy to welcome them, just let them in.

  2. MrJBond

    August 5, 2021 at 2:57 pm

    Obama was the face of the his presidency, but the person who managed 90+% the Obama junta was Valerie Jarret, an Iranian born woman who has been a sympathizer of terrorist Iranian regime. She was the puppet master, the brains, and real president while Obama was the puppet. The other 10% influencer who told Obama what to do was his insufferable pest of a wife and know-nothing herself, Michelle.

    Barak I doubt could find his shoes let alone run the country, as he was so far out of his depth. He is a fraud who needed a puppet master. Obama, unlike Biden, though, is not dumb. Obama pretends to be charming but is a phony. He can pretend to be competent. Like Biden, both these disgraces merit being forgotten or if remembered, as two of the worst US Presidents. By the way, George W. Bush and Billy boy Clinton are also in the pantheon of worst Presidents; thus, Obama will not be lonely in the land of the forgotten and reviled.

  3. Vicki Wilson

    August 6, 2021 at 1:20 am

    WHAT A HORRIBLE PERSON OBAMA IS!!!! He did more to harm this country in his 8 years than anyone ever before him did! He just didn’t have enough time to do it. So, now, he is back in office (of course not “legally” … just running the country in the form of Joe Biden. Maybe he can get it done this four year term. It’s well on it’s way in the first half of this year!

    It’s too bad Obama and Michelle are so “well-liked”. I don’t think they are liked at all by anyone, but they are so arrogant and got so rich off the back of working Americans, they can live like the King and Queen of America.

    They should be hanged for Treason!!!

  4. BlueBoomerang

    August 6, 2021 at 9:25 am

    Watch the leftists try to repeal the ‘2 term limit’ amendment so the muslim mulatto could run once again. He’s currently Basement Biden’s puppet master and the corporate media mob fawn over his beckon call.

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Biden Says He Doesn’t Think COVID Is ‘Here To Stay’



Joe Biden

On Friday, President Biden said he doesn’t think that COVID-19 is here to stay, but added that he does think the virus will remain around the world.

“No, I don’t think COVID is here to stay, but having COVID in the environment here and in the world is probably here to stay,” Biden told reporters at the White House.
“COVID as we’re dealing with it now is not here to stay, the normal doesn’t have to be. We have so many more tools we developed and we continue to develop that can contain COVID and other strains of COVID,” he added.

Biden’s comments come shortly after six of his former health advisers, who helped him with the COVID-19 pandemic during his presidential transition, published three opinion articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association urging Biden to change his strategy in responding to COVID-19 to one accepting that the virus was here to stay and learning how to live with it.

“They say the first thing the administration needs to do is take a broader vision, by recognizing that Covid-19 is here to stay. In one article, Dr. Emanuel and two co-authors — Michael T. Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota, and Dr. Celine Gounder, an infectious disease expert at New York University — pointedly note that in July, Mr. Biden proclaimed that ‘we’ve gained the upper hand against this virus,’ which in retrospect was clearly not the case,” The New York Times reported.

Biden’s comments suggest he has not yet listened to the advice of these experts, even as the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened to reaching over 1 million new daily cases.

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Former COVID Advisory Board tells Biden corona now ‘one of several circulating respiratory virus’ like flu




Doctors who once advised President Biden on how to handle the coronavirus are now telling him to change his strategy via a series of published articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The six doctors, Drs. Ezekiel Emanuel, Michael Osterholm, Celine Gounder, David Michaels, Rick Bright and Luciana Borio were members of the advisory board that worked with Biden during his transition period before taking office.

“As the omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 demonstrates, COVID-19 is here to stay” and therefore Biden’s national strategy must be “updated.”

“The goal for the ‘new normal’ with COVID-19 does not include eradication or elimination, eg, the ‘zero COVID’ strategy. Neither COVID-19 vaccination nor infection appears to confer lifelong immunity,” they wrote.

“Current vaccines do not offer sterilizing immunity against SARS-CoV-2 infection. Infectious diseases cannot be eradicated when there is limited long-term immunity following infection or vaccination or nonhuman reservoirs of infection.”

The “new normal,” they explained, should be “recognizing that SARS-CoV-2 is but one of several circulating respiratory viruses that include influenza, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and more.”

The doctors also pointed out there are many treatments with varying levels of effectiveness such as remdesevir and dexamethasone, monoclonal antibody treatment, and oral treatments like Molnupiravir and Paxlovid.

“Finally,” Fox News reports, they said it is imperative “to rebuild trust in public health institutions and a belief in collective action in service of public health.”

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