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Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Nonbinary On Birth Certificates



On Tuesday, Republican Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill banning the use of nonbinary as a gender option on state birth certificates.

The new law, SB 1100, requires all birth certificates in the state to only allow male or female as gender options.

The law says that it “requires the biological sex designation on a birth certificate to be either male or female and prohibits a nonbinary or any symbol representing a nonbinary designation including the letter ‘X’ beginning on the effective date of this act. The measure declares an emergency.”

“People are free to believe whatever they want about their identity, but science has determined people are either biologically male or female at birth,” said Oklahoma Rep. Sheila Dills, the House sponsor of the bill, in a statement. “We want clarity and truth on official state documents. Information should be based on established medical fact and not an ever-changing social dialogue.”

“As the war on common sense continues, we must stand up and put a stop to this nonsense regarding biological sex,” said Michael Bergstrom, R-Adair, the principal author of the bill. “It’s not a complicated issue – biologically, you’re either a male or female. There should be no other option to choose from on a birth certificate. I’m thankful my colleagues in the House of Representatives also saw the need to stand behind science and approve this measure.”

Stitt’s signing of the bill comes after he signed an executive order in November 2021 directing the Oklahoma Health Department to stop issuing or changing birth certificates with nonbinary as a gender option.

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Biden ‘allies’ concerned with Hollywood lawyer’s ‘aggressive public defense of Hunter Biden’



Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden’s Hollywood attorney buddy Kevin Morris is reportedly upsetting President Joe Biden’s “allies” with his very public defense plan for Hunter. Among the defenses is a plan to question the validity of, and story behind, the New York Post’s exclusive 2020 story on Hunter’s laptop found at a Delaware repair shop.

Another issue of concern, according to a New York Times report, is that Morris gave Hunter a loan totaling over $2 million to pay off his tax debts and take care of his living expenses. “It potentially echoes the cash he received while serving on the board of a Ukrainian oligarch’s company and pursuing deals with a Chinese tycoon, the Times said.”

But President Biden’s supporters want his scandalous son to stay out of the public eye and avoid going to trial. Morris’ tactics, however, are making a big splash. For one, he was recently accused of “spying” on filmmakers who are making an independent movie “My Son Hunter.” The movie allegedly paints an unflattering portrait of the Biden family.

The Times said Morris may try to use footage he shot on the movie’s set located in Serbia to try and “undermine” the film and the laptop. Another potential issue for the Bidens is how Morris came to  be in possession of Hunter’s controversial artwork.

Morris is rumored to be an art collector, and according to one source, Morris might have received Hunter’s art as a gift. The Times cited two people familiar with the story.

Everything is exacerbating the scrutiny the White House has already been under, when it comes to Hunter’s scandals. Hunter and Morris met at a fundraiser for then-candidate Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

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Black Americans were defund the police movement’s greatest victims

Murders of Black Americans spiked by more than 32% from 2019 to 2020



Defund Police

2020 saw an increase in criminal activity across the board, but the leftist ‘defund the police’ movement after the death of George Floyd helped secure a large increase in murders among the Black community.

Murders of Black Americans spiked by more than 32% from 2019 to 2020. Almost 3,000 more Black murders occurred in 2020 than of white murders, which is astounding “considering white Americans make up 76% of the population compared to Black Americans representing only 13%, according to Census data.

Black murders also shot up by 43% in 2020, compared to the previous 10-year average according to FBI data, murders across the board spiked nearly 30% inn 2020 compared to 2019.

Hannah Meyers, director of the policing and public safety initiative at the Manhattan Institute, said we are seeing the “Ferguson Effect.” “Certainly, the protests and riots mid-2020 after the death of George Floydfollowed a pattern of spiking violence that we’ve seen following past viral police incidents, such as the deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. This pattern has been termed the ‘Ferguson Effect’: police pull back while violent crime spikes precipitously,”

Between 2010 and 2019, White murders averaged roughly 16% lower than the 10-year average of Black murder. The Post explains that “murder in the 2010s first broke the 7,000 murder benchmark in 2015 after the high-profile deaths of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown in 2014.

Brown was fatally shot by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer and Gray died after he sustained injuries in the back of a Baltimore police van. Their deaths sparked protests and riots similar to the ones following Floyd’s death.

Condemnation against the police and law enforcement created a rippling effect of not enough officers being able to cover all areas of crime. McDonald told Fox News Digital that Black Lives Matter and the defund the police movements contributed to the crime spike inn 2020 and has nothing to do with the coronavirus and lockdowns.”

Furthermore, the spike in crime and murders “began months lockdowns beginning only after riots” saying the “spike was not at all related to COVID.”

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