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Only 12% of Americans Believe Biden’s ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ Will Actually Reduce Inflation



Only 12% of Americans believe the Democrats’ “Inflation Reduction Act” will actually reduce inflation, according to a YouGov poll released Wednesday.

The survey was conducted from July 3 to August 2 and asked 1,500 Americans, “Do you think this bill will increase or decrease inflation?” 36% of respondents said it will increase inflation while only 12% said they think it will decrease inflation. Another 23% said it will not change inflation, and 29% were “not sure.”

The survey was released the day before a group of 22 Republican governors released a joint statement slamming the Inflation Reduction Act, pointing out that it is a massive spending bill and saying it would worsen inflation.

The group was led by Governors Henry McMaster (R-SC) and Brian Kemp (R-GA).

“The Democrats’ solution to 40-year high inflation is passing another reckless tax and spending spree to the tune of $740 billion, affecting Americans in every tax bracket,” the statement said. “While denying recession, Democrats want to raise taxes on businesses and manufacturers, which will force higher costs onto consumers, worsen inflation, and aggravate shortages.”

“With sky high prices at the pump, the last thing Americans need is for Democrats to punish energy producers, which will ultimately hurt working families struggling to pay for gas, goods, food, and utilities,” the statement continued. “Our citizens cannot afford Joe Biden’s broken promises on taxes and Democrats’ inflationary spending that will only exacerbate the economic crisis they created.”

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