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Panama Foreign Minister Frustrated by Biden, Says 85,000 Haitians ‘All Are Heading Toward the U.S.’



Erika Mouynes

Tens of thousands of Haitians attempting to cross the United States Southern Border has created a crisis, but it may only just be the tip of the iceberg. Panama’s Foreign Minister Erika Mouynes said in an interview with Axios that over 85,000 Haitians have crossed through Panama in 2021 and “they all are heading toward the U.S.”

“We’ve engaged with every single authority that we can think of, that we can come across, to say, ‘Please, let’s pay attention to this,” said Mouynes who is frustrated “that the Biden administration seemed caught off guard by the Haitian migrant crisis because ‘we sounded the alarm when we should have” reports Axios.

Mouynes had meetings on Monday and Tuesday in Washington with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and members of Congress. In her meetings, she called on the U.S. to help enforce a plan in the region, saying, ultimately, “let’s recognize that they all are heading toward the U.S.”

Axios reports “roughly 20,000 to 25,000 Haitians have already made the trek to the U.S.-Mexico border, with most being allowed to enter the United States.” This means, “beyond those already admitted or deported ack to Haiti, another 60,000 are most likely still on their way north, the minister said.”

Pro-migration messaging from the U.S. “and some South American nations has played a role in the uptick” writes Axios. “Panama is expecting more migrants to cross through the dangerous jungles of the Darién Gap this month than in all of 2019 — nearly 27,000, according to Panamanian government estimates provided to Axios.”

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  1. Dexter L. Wilson

    October 3, 2021 at 1:19 pm

    Demand that this Administration tell the American People their plan of a reset to take their money, their private property, and create a un-utopian society that will only benefit Democrat Elitists

  2. Donnie Bowin

    October 4, 2021 at 11:06 am

    “Primarily, many people want blue policies to remain in blue states”

    Wrong…..Democrats want their “Blue Policies” i.e. free stuff for everyone who is not a Natural Born American Citizen to be spread ESPECIALLY into “Red States” so they can turn those “Red States” into “Blue States.” That…Is…The…Goal…!

  3. Danna Stevens

    October 9, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    Remember Obama’s plan, to move EVERYONE from the middle of the US, to the two coasts and make the middle states all Natural habitat? Guess he’s gonna put Blue on one side and red on the other, w/himself (MAYBE his THRONE) and his “servants” (all the illegals) in the middle to protect/serve him. I believe the Bible describes this as “the Anti-Christ”!!! That would fit w / “NO guns” no money, everything dished out as HE wants, to those he wants. May also fit w/Nastradomus’ vision, before anyone knew there was an “America”, of an unknown continent, w/OUT either the east or west coasts. That much weight, and that much drilling for wells, would sink both sides, as is already beginning to happen. That is why Texas is now switching to ground water, rather than wells. One OT Bible professor who has been studying the “end times” for 20 yrs, says we are not GOING INTO them, we are in the MIDDLE of them, and our Lord could now come any day or night, and fulfill the scriptures, regarding the end! “I Wish We’d All Been Ready!” How sad many will be, when their child, or loved one, looks at them-after learning their destination, and says “YOU, Never Mentioned Him to ME!”

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Defense Department to Pay ‘Condolence Payments’ of Botched Drone Strike Killing Afghan Family



John Kirby

Late Friday the Defense Department announced it will be offering “condolence payments” to relatives of the victims killed in a U.S. drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan. The horrific error killed 10 people in August, a response which was intended for terrorists responsible for the suicide attack at the Kabul airport killing 13 U.S. Servicemen and women, 169 Afghans, and injured dozens more.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said in a statement the Defense Department was working with the State Department to help relocate surviving family members to the United States. Kirby did not say how much money would be offered, but that under secretary of defense for policy, Dr. Colin Kahl, “reiterated Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s commitment to the families, including offering ex gratia condolence payments.”

On August 29, the U.S. Hellfire missile struck a car driven by Zemerai Ahmadi who had just driven up to the family compound. 10 family members total, including seven children, were killed in the strike.

The aftermath of the terror attack in Kabul while the U.S. military was attempting to make final evacuations further details how ill-equipped the Biden administration has been to handle the troop withdrawal.

“The U.S. military initially defended the strike” on the Ahmadi compound, “saying it had targeted an Islamic State group’s ‘facilitator’ and disrupted the militants’ ability to carry out attacks during the chaotic final stage of the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan” reports the Associated Press.

Additionally, “discrepancies between the military’s portrayal of the strike and findings on the ground quickly emerged. The Associated Press and other news organizations reported that the driver of the targeted vehicle was a longtime employee at a U.S. humanitarian organization. There were no signs of a large secondary blast, despite the Pentagon’s assertion that the vehicle contained explosives” adds the AP.

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Deadly Norway Attack Appears to be ‘Act or Terror’ by Man Converted to Islam

The suspect, armed with a bow and arrow, killed five people



Norway Attack

On Wednesday night, 37-year-old Danish citizen Espen Andersen Brathen went on a killing spree with a bow and arrow, murdering four women and one man in the southern town of Kongsberg. Brathen “had converted to Islam and there were fears he had been radicalized” reports the BBC.

Norwegian police sent out a press release on Thursday saying the suspect is due to appear in court on Friday at 09:00 local time. Residents have been deeply traumatized by the attack, and are flying at half-mast while flowers and other memorials are being placed in the town’s square.

Victims were all between the ages of 50 and 70, police told reporters of the attack which was first reported at 18:12 on Wednesday. “Police confronted the man six minutes later, but he shot several arrows at them and escaped. He was eventually caught about 30 minutes later” reports the BBC.

The police chief said the man killed his victims after escaping police and before his arrest roughly 30 minutes later. Police told Norwegian news agency NTB that the attacker also used other weapons, without giving more details.

Residents were ordered to stay indoors so authorities could process and examine what is being determined as a large area of ground that the attacker covered. Police searched surrounding gardens and garages with the help of sniffer dogs.

A police lawyer told the public broadcaster NRK that the suspect will be assessed by psychiatrists. Police officers “nationwide were ordered to carry firearms as an extra precaution, but there is ‘no indication so far that there is a change in the national threat level’ said the directorate’s statement.

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