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Pennsylvania Court Rules Mail-In Voting Law Is Unconstitutional



mail in voting

On Friday, a Pennsylvania court ruled that the state’s 2019 mail-in voting law was “unconstitutional.”

The law, known as Act 77, “allowed voters to submit a ballot by mail up to 50 days before an election and placed voters on a list to permanently receive a ballot application by mail. It also established 15 more days to register to vote and extended mail-in and absentee submission deadlines,” ABC 27 News reported.

The decision, made by a five-judge panel of three Republicans and two Democrats, will be put on hold immediately if Democrat Governor Tom Wolf’s administration files an appeal to the state’s Supreme Court.

“The Administration will immediately appeal this decision to the state Supreme Court and today’s lower court ruling will have no immediate effect on mail-in voting pending a final decision on the appeal,” Wolf’s office said in a statement.

In the ruling, Judge Mary Hannah Leavitt wrote, “No-excuse mail-in voting makes the exercise of the franchise more convenient and has been used four times in the history of Pennsylvania. Approximately 1.38 million voters have expressed their interest in voting by mail permanently.”

“If presented to the people, a constitutional amendment to end the Article VII, Section 1 requirement of in-person voting is likely to be adopted,” the court added. “But a constitutional amendment must be presented to the people and adopted into our fundamental law before legislation authorizing no-excuse mail-in voting can ‘be placed upon our statute books.’”

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  1. katherine ayers

    January 29, 2022 at 9:00 am

    Where did COMMON SENSE go in the Governor’s office? Has it left the room? Was it ever there? How about Governor Wolf? Has he no ethical morals? Just reading this article made me shake my head in disbelief so many times, I feel like I’m spinning!!

    Act 77, “allowed voters to submit a ballot by mail up to 50 days before an election and placed voters on a list to permanently receive a ballot application by mail. It also established 15 more days to register to vote and extended mail-in and absentee submission deadlines,”

    These kinds of ‘Acts’ are there for one reason and one reason only….to throw an election. Elections can more easily become one-sided and should be abolished and placed in a file labeled, TRASH.

    I have to commend President Trump’ Team for pursuing these kinds of Democrat-run State Acts!! An ordinary citizen like myself tries to do as much reading and listening as I possibly can. If I, and others, don’t, such devious things are slipped in and things go awry during our elections. 2020 was one of the most manipulative and divisive elections I’ve known in my 78 years. Nixon’s misdeeds hold second place, but none comes as widespread and detrimental to America as this one.

    Encouraging our young people, future voters, to become more aware of what’s going on BEHIND THE SCENES of our government is of dire necessity!! Human nature can make some people be very sneaky when they want POWER and MONEY.

  2. Marianne Garvens

    February 4, 2022 at 10:41 pm

    I was election judge for Bush v Gore & saw how mail-in voting was ripe for fraud.
    I also saw a number of ballots with ‘dimpled chads’, but didn’t realize their significance until the ballot machine expert was testifying before Judge Saulter Sauls in Florida.

    When my brother & his wife were standing in-line to cast their ballots they were offered two ballots each; when they tried to give the extra one back they were told, “ No, that’s okay you can keep them.
    I watched the trial in re Bush v Gore & was impressed with Judge Salter Sauls thoroughness.
    I was especially impressed when Judge Sauls asked the expert witness to explain how ballots were produced to assure the chads were punched out cleanly.
    As the expert’s testimony was proceeding Judge Sauls asked how dimpled chads’ could occur – he said that once the chads could not be punched out cleanly they became ’seconds’ and unusable except for sample ballots.

  3. Elvin4107408 Wichterman

    February 6, 2022 at 10:02 am

    That’s great. Does not mean a thing. Will be lots of cheating in nov.

  4. Mac Hayes

    February 9, 2022 at 4:41 pm

    Voting far in advance of the actual voting day is not only stupid but should be prohibited by law. So much can change in 50 days it is pure stupidity to cast a vote that far in advance, and allowing such voting only promotes the chances of voter fraud by bribery. Heck, if you pay me enough I would vote for someone I might not otherwise support.

    Voting by other than requiring in-person identification is also subject to fraud, by multiple methods – by bribery, by poor ballot security methods of counterfeit ballots and related ballot box stuffing, by computer hacking, just to name a few. The most reliable and trusted voting process should be in-person voting, with strictly controlled absentee voting by ballots cast no more than seven days in advance of the traditional single voting-day.

    Of course some people would be prevented from casting their votes by circumstances beyond anyone’s control, but that simply can never be prevented in all instances.

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Biden ‘allies’ concerned with Hollywood lawyer’s ‘aggressive public defense of Hunter Biden’



Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden’s Hollywood attorney buddy Kevin Morris is reportedly upsetting President Joe Biden’s “allies” with his very public defense plan for Hunter. Among the defenses is a plan to question the validity of, and story behind, the New York Post’s exclusive 2020 story on Hunter’s laptop found at a Delaware repair shop.

Another issue of concern, according to a New York Times report, is that Morris gave Hunter a loan totaling over $2 million to pay off his tax debts and take care of his living expenses. “It potentially echoes the cash he received while serving on the board of a Ukrainian oligarch’s company and pursuing deals with a Chinese tycoon, the Times said.”

But President Biden’s supporters want his scandalous son to stay out of the public eye and avoid going to trial. Morris’ tactics, however, are making a big splash. For one, he was recently accused of “spying” on filmmakers who are making an independent movie “My Son Hunter.” The movie allegedly paints an unflattering portrait of the Biden family.

The Times said Morris may try to use footage he shot on the movie’s set located in Serbia to try and “undermine” the film and the laptop. Another potential issue for the Bidens is how Morris came to  be in possession of Hunter’s controversial artwork.

Morris is rumored to be an art collector, and according to one source, Morris might have received Hunter’s art as a gift. The Times cited two people familiar with the story.

Everything is exacerbating the scrutiny the White House has already been under, when it comes to Hunter’s scandals. Hunter and Morris met at a fundraiser for then-candidate Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

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Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Nonbinary On Birth Certificates



On Tuesday, Republican Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill banning the use of nonbinary as a gender option on state birth certificates.

The new law, SB 1100, requires all birth certificates in the state to only allow male or female as gender options.

The law says that it “requires the biological sex designation on a birth certificate to be either male or female and prohibits a nonbinary or any symbol representing a nonbinary designation including the letter ‘X’ beginning on the effective date of this act. The measure declares an emergency.”

“People are free to believe whatever they want about their identity, but science has determined people are either biologically male or female at birth,” said Oklahoma Rep. Sheila Dills, the House sponsor of the bill, in a statement. “We want clarity and truth on official state documents. Information should be based on established medical fact and not an ever-changing social dialogue.”

“As the war on common sense continues, we must stand up and put a stop to this nonsense regarding biological sex,” said Michael Bergstrom, R-Adair, the principal author of the bill. “It’s not a complicated issue – biologically, you’re either a male or female. There should be no other option to choose from on a birth certificate. I’m thankful my colleagues in the House of Representatives also saw the need to stand behind science and approve this measure.”

Stitt’s signing of the bill comes after he signed an executive order in November 2021 directing the Oklahoma Health Department to stop issuing or changing birth certificates with nonbinary as a gender option.

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