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PHILADELPHIA ERUPTS: 91 people arrested, 30 cops injured amidst violent unrest

Police struggled to contain the crowds, cop cars and dumpsters were set on fire, and thirty officers were injured after being struck by bricks and rocks



Philadelphia experienced a wild night of violent unrest that left 91 people arrested and 30 officers injured early Tuesday. 

Hundreds of people took to the streets Monday to protest the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Junior, calling it another example of police officers killing black men. 

Demonstrators marched to a city police station, where police officers were stationed behind metal barricades. 

But, the protests were anything but peaceful. 

Violence quickly erupted, as some protesters began throwing objects at officers – even setting at least one police vehicle on fire. 

Police struggled to contain the crowds, cop cars and dumpsters were set on fire, and thirty officers were injured after being struck by bricks and rocks, according to authorities

A 56-year-old sergeant was hospitalized with a broken leg and other injuries after she was “intentionally run over by an individual driving a pick-up truck” Fox News reports. 

The shooting occurred in the late afternoon – before 4 p.m. – as officers responded to a report of a man wielding a weapon. Upon arrival in the Cobbs Creek neighborhood, police were greeted by the man, later identified as Walter Wallace, holding a knife. 

Officers ordered Wallace to drop the knife, but he instead “advanced toward” them, at which point both officers fired their weapons. In a video that emerged shortly after the incident, officers are shown pointing their guns at Wallace as he walks closer; after telling him to put his knife down, they fired shots. 

In the aftermath, police said eight cruisers and one fire department vehicle were vandalized and several commercial properties were looted. 

The looting, vandalism and violence were initially concentrated in West Phildalphia’s commercial corridors, but unrest was also reported in other parts of the city, including Center City and North Philly. 

And though the unrest settled at daybreak, the city anticipates additional protests and looting to follow throughout the day Tuesday. 

At least 91 people were arrested – mostly for burglary of commercial properties and 11 for assault on officers, according to NBC Philadelphia. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Todd Morgan

    October 29, 2020 at 3:58 pm

    Remember MOVE Organization with David Walker. The Philly KKKops dropped a bomb from a helicopter on a whole city block. When the MOVE family members exited the house, the POWlice shot them. Philly has a long history, as the UteSA as a whole, of negligence when it comes to caring about Black Lives.

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Chicago 911 Dispatcher says ‘All Hell Has Broken Loose’ Crime is ‘Nonstop’



Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

The liberal run city of Chicago is in a downward spiral suffocated by crime. Few understand what is happening better than 911 dispatchers who have the impossible task of listening to people suffer through crimes, yet unable to help them due to liberal policies creating a violent crime epidemic and police shortage.

Keith Thornton posted a video to Facebook last week saying Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is “a disgrace.” Thornton took it upon himself to warn citizens about which Chicago police district is unavailable due to the staffing shortages.

In an interview with Fox & Friends Thornton said that “all hell has broken loose” in Chicago while local officials have failed to act. “It’s been shenanigans, and it’s just nonstop, day after day. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning time, evening time, whatever –at all hours of the day, there is a massive amount of crime taking place within the city of Chicago.”

“When I’m getting text messages from officers telling me that they’re scared and afraid for their safety because they’re working by themselves, and then the beat next to them would normally back them up, they’re not even there because the cars are down. That’s a problem. It’s a safety concern” Thornton said in an interview with Chicago’s WLS-TV.

Chicago Police Department data shows homicides, shootings, thefts and criminal sexual assaults are all up drastically compared to last year. Lightfoot has not only been a proponent of defunding the police, she also behaved viciously towards law enforcement.

After Chicago Police Officer Ella French was killed during a routine traffic stop, Lightfoot blamed “guns and the violence they bring” for her death. When Lightfoot visited French’s partner who was wounded and fighting for his life at the time at the hospital, dozens of officers at the hospital turned their back on the mayor.

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It’s Raining Lawsuits on Jussie Smollett; City of Chicago and Nigerian Brothers Suing Actor



Jussie Smollett
Jussie Smollett

The City of Chicago has confirmed it will be suing disgraced actor Jussie Smollett. The lawsuit will seek the $130,106.15 “to cover an overtime tab racked up by dozens of officers tasked with investigating Smollett’s claims that he was the victim of an attack”, reports Daily Mail UK.

According to the legal filing, the Chicago Department came to the conclusion to pursue the lawsuit after over two dozen cops spent weeks investigating the fake attack and logged 1,836 hours of overtime as a result.

Daily Mail also noted the Osundairo brothers who were hired by Smollett to stage his attack, plan to continue with their own lawsuit against Smollett’s legal team. According to the Daily Mail, “they’re seeking undisclosed damages after claiming their careers and reputations were damaged in the high-profile hoax.”

After the initial set of charges were dropped against the brothers, Abel and Ola Osundairo, they sued Smollett’s attorneys in April 2019, claiming their careers and reputations were damaged. “They claimed in the defamation lawsuit against lawyers Mark Geragos and Tina Glandian that they were maliciously portrayed as liars in the public” reports Daily Mail.

The lawsuit specifically references how Smollett’s attorneys suggested the brothers ‘might have been wearing white face’ when they attacked him and inferred that Abel had a sexual relationship with Smollett. Abel’s home country of Nigeria prohibits homosexuality. ‘Same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Nigeria, which can result in 14 years of imprisonment…if the accused is married the punishment is death by stoning.’

Therefore, Ms. Glandian’s statements about the brother being a homosexual ‘endangers him and the lives of his Nigerian family’ the lawsuit stated. The brothers’ lawsuit was stayed by a federal judge until the criminal proceedings for Smollett are completed. The brothers’ legal team is expected to file an update to the court by February 2.

Smollett, 39, was just convicted on five counts of disorderly conduct for faking his own attack and now faces jail time. “His sentencing date has not yet been set but he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.”

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