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Poll: Biden Faces First ‘Trust Deficit Among Americans’ As COVID Lingers



Joe Biden

Axios released its latest poll in conjunction with Ipsos which revealed “for the first time in his presidency, Joe Biden faces a trust deficit among Americans when it comes to COVID-19.” In summary, the public does not trust Biden to give them accurate COVID-19 information.

The “peak of trust” in Biden with regard to COVID occurred in January when the Axios/Ipsos poll showed 58% trusted Biden a great deal or a fair amount to provide them with accurate information about the virus and pandemic, while 42% said they had little to no trust in him. The survey took place from January 22-25 of this year.

Compared to the survey conducted September 24-27, only 45% say they trust Biden a great deal or a fair amount but saw an 11% increase saying they have little or no trust in him at 53%. In the “Why it matters” headline, Axios explains: “The latest findings point to malaise more than fear. But malaise could spell real trouble for a Democratic president who built his support on a pledge to steer the nation out of crisis — and whose party’s bare House and Senate majorities are on the line in 2022.”

Cliff Young, president of Ipsos U.S. public affairs said of Biden, “He won on COVID, he surfed the first six months on COVID, but he’s being challenged by it now because there’s not a clear resolution in sight.”

Additionally, “Delta and other issues have really undermined the public’s perception” of how much they can trust Biden’s assurances on curbing the pandemic said Young.  “People have adapted. They have countermeasures they trust. But we’re still in the middle of it. It hasn’t gone away. You have to wear masks everywhere. It’s doable, but it makes you frustrated.”

Axios writes “the big picture” is that “Americans have become a bit less worried about living their lives. The respondents who see large risk in airline travel, dining out or visiting family and friends are at their lowest shares since mid-July.”

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