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Psaki Questioned On Biden Delaying Russia Sanctions

‘You’re Waiting For People To Die’



During Friday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was questioned about Democrat President Joe Biden’s apparent reluctance to impose sanctions on Russia.

Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked Psaki why the Biden administration was holding back sanctions despite Russia appearing to be on the verge of invading Ukraine and other recent aggressions.

“On Ukraine, the sanctions, we’ve learned, don’t include SWIFT, they don’t target energy, so the impacts to other countries are mitigated.  You guys have attributed this cyberattack to Russia, and you’re warning that the prospect of war is — or peace, rather, is pretty dim.  So, at what point do you break away from the strategy and say it’s not working and do something else — impose some of these sanctions now?” Heinrich asked.

“Well, I think as we’ve talked about a little bit in here, our collective view from our national security team is that sanctions are meant to be a deterrent,” Psaki said. “They are not — if you put all of the sanctions in place now, what is stopping them from invading?”

“But are they working?” Heinrich asked.

“Well … I think that’s our assessment from the national security team and, you know, we will continue to implement that strategy,” Psaki replied.

“You’re waiting for people to die before implementing them in that case,” Heinrich said.

“I think, Jacqui, that’s in no way a fair statement or accusation, I guess, if that’s what that is,” Psaki said. “What we have done, what the President has done is unite hundreds — countries around the world on a strong package that will be crippling to the Russian economy and we have done that in a way where we have stood up for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and stood with our NATO partners and allies.”

“It has always been up to President Putin and Russia to determine which path they were going to take, that has not changed,” Psaki continued. “But that leadership on the world stage is what has led to a united front and united opposition to these actions.”

Psaki’s comments come as Russia continues to gather troops near Ukraine’s border, despite Russian President Vladimir Putin falsely claiming that he had decided to “partially pull back troops.”

“We have heard the signs from Moscow about readiness to continue diplomatic efforts, but so far, we have not seen any de-escalation on the ground. On the contrary, it appears that Russia continues their military build-up,” NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said before a meeting of NATO defense ministers.

According to U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment.

“We continue to see forces, especially forces that would be in the vanguard of any renewed aggression against Ukraine continuing to be at the border to mass at the border,” Blinken said during an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America.

“We said that we were in a window of time in which the invasion could come at any time. President Putin’s put in place the capacity to act on very short notice. He can pull the trigger. He could pull it today. He could pull it tomorrow. He could pull it next week,” Blinken continued. “The forces are there if he wants to renew aggression against Ukraine.”

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  1. Bob

    February 19, 2022 at 8:57 am

    All we need now is pictures of priests self emolating on the steps of the Capital.
    I watched the build up to the Viet Nam extravaganza and I remember how it went and then I got called up to go serve. Been here and there and done this and that.

  2. Jeff h

    February 19, 2022 at 9:35 am

    Putin does not fear Biden …..why have 150 k troops on the border ….it’s not if it’s when
    Talk is cheap and Biden is a coward …this will be a disaster 100’ s of times worse than Afghanistan

  3. Mike

    February 19, 2022 at 10:05 am

    Yeah, they are going to handle this mess just like they handled Afghanistan….

  4. Dexter Wilson

    February 21, 2022 at 1:36 pm

    As you know, these democrats are wanting the US to be part of the Global Reset and don’t give a flip about Americans. They can kill 60,000,000 babies, hate the military and call BLM and ANTIFA insurrection just protests with the killing 28 people and destroying 4.5 Billion Dollars of Businesses and Government buildings as well as destroying statues that Americans paid for and put up. They hate the military and have no respect for individual freedoms and continue to claim they are the defenders of American freedoms all the while bringing millions of illegals among which are drug cartels, drug mules and even terrorists. They hate the American People and will only let their so called elite rule as is done in every communist controlled countries. They always blame everybody else for their faults. They haven’t blamed Trump for completely everything but they will.

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Report: Ukraine Sunk Russian Warship By Using US Intel



Ukraine sunk the Russian warship Moskva last month using United States intelligence, according to a new report from NBC News.

“A guided missile cruiser carrying a crew of 510, the Moskva was the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet,” NBC News reported. “It sank on April 14 after being struck by two Ukrainian Neptune anti-ship missiles, U.S. officials said. Moscow said the vessel sank after a fire. The Moskva was the largest Russian warship sunk in combat since World War II. American officials said there were significant Russian casualties, but they don’t know how many.”

“The attack happened after Ukrainian forces asked the Americans about a ship sailing in the Black Sea south of Odesa, U.S. officials told NBC News,” the outlet added. “The U.S. identified it as the Moskva, officials said, and helped confirm its location, after which the Ukrainians targeted the ship.”

The news comes the day after a report from The New York Times revealed that the United States has provided Ukraine with intelligence on Russian military units that has enabled the country to kill multiple Russian generals.

“The targeting help is part of a classified effort by the Biden administration to provide real-time battlefield intelligence to Ukraine,” The New York Times reported. “That intelligence also includes anticipated Russian troop movements gleaned from recent American assessments of Moscow’s secret battle plan for the fighting in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, the officials said. Officials declined to specify how many generals had been killed as a result of U.S. assistance.”

“The United States has focused on providing the location and other details about the Russian military’s mobile headquarters, which relocate frequently,” the outlet added. “Ukrainian officials have combined that geographic information with their own intelligence — including intercepted communications that alert the Ukrainian military to the presence of senior Russian officers — to conduct artillery strikes and other attacks that have killed Russian officers.”

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Putin’s Personal Cameraman Quit After Recording His Invasion Speech



Russian President Vladimir Putin’s personal cameraman, Ilya Filatov, reportedly quit his job immediately after filming Putin’s announcement that he would be invading Ukraine.

The timing of Filatov’s exit from a job that he had for over a decade led to speculation that he actually faced dismissal because of negative comments he allegedly made about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

However, Filatov “denies this version,” according to independent Russian news site The Insider, which is banned in Russia. Filatov claims that he quit because he “reached the ceiling in the profession” and that he was “tired of sitting in quarantine for many months,” which he was required to do to reduce the likelihood he could contract COVID-19 and infect Putin.

Filatov’s sudden departure from his long time role as Putin’s cameraman was part of a pattern of Russian employee exits following comments suggesting opposition to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As explained by The Insider, “Since the beginning of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, one by one employees of Russian TV channels have been fired or left the frame. On April 21, Alexander Gurevich, the host of the One Hundred to One program, resigned from the VGTRK . Prior to this, anti-war comments on his behalf appeared under the episodes of the show on YouTube. In March, it became known that Zhanna Agalakova, an employee of Channel One, quit , and journalist Vadim Glusker quit NTV.”

The Insider also noted how Marina Ovsyannikova, an employee of Channel One, “broke into the live newscast for a few seconds with a poster “Stop the war! Don’t believe the propaganda, they lie to you here.” Before the action, she recorded a video message in which she condemned the actions of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine. On March 15, the journalist was fined 30,000 rubles. In April, she became a freelance correspondent for the German Welt.”

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