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Report: Trump Wanted To Fire Missiles At Cartel Drug Labs In Mexico



Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump reportedly asked then-Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in 2020 about potentially launching missiles into Mexico to “destroy the drug labs” and wipe out the cartels, according to a new book.

Esper, who was fired by Trump in November 2020, claims in his upcoming book “A Sacred Oath” that the idea was a result of Trump’s frustration over the flow of drugs across the southern border.

Trump reportedly asked Mr. Esper at least twice if the military could “shoot missiles into Mexico to destroy the drug labs.”

“They don’t have control of their own country,” Trump reportedly pointed out to Esper.

“When Mr. Esper raised various objections, Mr. Trump said that ‘we could just shoot some Patriot missiles and take out the labs, quietly,’ adding that ‘no one would know it was us,’” The New York Times reported. “Mr. Trump said he would just say that the United States had not conducted the strike, Mr. Esper recounts, writing that he would have thought it was a joke had he not been staring Mr. Trump in the face.”

The report comes amid an unprecedented spike in illegal immigration at the southern border with over 221,000 migrants being apprehended by Customs and Border Protection in March.

“Customs and Border Protection said in a court filing Friday that 221,303 migrants were encountered at the southern border in March. That’s approximately 28% higher than March 2021 when 173,277 migrants were encountered. In March 2020, just 34,460 migrants were encountered at the border,” Fox News reported.

The record high illegal immigration levels coincided with record levels of deaths from drug overdoses. According to former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan, drugs are “pouring in” through the southern border every day.

“Two-point-one million encounters in the past 12 months have led to this unbelievable amount of drugs that are pouring in. The cartels not only use these illegal aliens as distracting techniques to pull agents off the line, but they also use them to smuggle drugs themselves,” Morgan said in February. “If you look at the stats from the FBI, DEA, and the fact that we had 100,000 drug overdoses in a 12-month period, that tells us that our borders are wide open and drugs are pouring in every single day.”

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