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Republican Senators Demand NIH Director Release Details Surrounding Deletion of COVID-19 Data

The letter asks Director Francis Collins multiple questions regarding the omitted data and the Institute’s motives behind deleting the data




Republican Senators have sent a letter to the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) demanding he disclose all details surrounding the deletion of the COVID-19 data from its key database. National Review obtained the letter from Senators Marsha Blackburn, Chuck Grassley and Roger Marshall.

The letter asks Director Francis Collins multiple questions regarding the omitted data and the Institute’s motives behind deleting the data. Last week the Wall Street Journal reported Chinese researchers instructed the NIH to remove gene sequences of early COVID carriers from the database called the NIH Sequence Read Archive.

Wuhan Institute of Virology

Wuhan Institute of Virology

Deleted data included sequences of extracted samples from patients hospitalized in Wuhan from the beginning stages of the pandemic. The patients were believed to have contracted COVID in January and February of 2020.

National Review reports the Senators’ letter “implored Collins to publish the names of the collaborating partners to the NIH Sequence Read Archive, the Chinese scientists that made the original request for deletion, the personnel with the authority to delete data, and the history and record of data deletion directed by researchers affiliated with the Chinese regime.”

Specifically, the letter reads, “the efforts by Chinese researchers to delete the data demands additional explanation. As you are aware, the Chinese government has failed, from the beginning, to be open and transparent with the world with respect to its role in the pandemic.”

National Review reports that Jesse Bloom, a virologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, “was able to recover the deleted files from the Google Cloud and reconstruct partial sequences of 13 early epidemic viruses.”

“The data Bloom uncovered led him to believe that the pathogen was circulating in Wuhan before it presented itself at the Huanan fish market, which scientific consensus had considered the location of the first COVID outbreak until the lab-accident theory started gaining traction in the mainstream.”

Senators urge in their letter, “the American people deserve to know what their government knows about the origins of this global illness.”

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  1. Jim Harr

    June 30, 2021 at 10:21 am

    “Last week the Wall Street Journal reported Chinese researchers instructed the NIH to remove gene sequences of early COVID carriers from the database called the NIH Sequence Read Archive.”

    “instructed”??? Since when does China get to “instruct” the NIH…and the NIH listens?

  2. Mr. Nobody - Tony Verreos

    July 3, 2021 at 3:00 am

    Jim Harr – “instructed”??? Since when does China get to “instruct” the NIH…and the NIH listens?

    I’m guessing since the top administrators and their agency support allies all decided that there would or could be benefits from a friendly working relationship with the communists. Communists who lie, cheat, steal, break laws, and like to give orders!

    Science is great, but scientific ethics is constantly being challenged by people who have the tools to do something, but don’t have the moral ethical integrity to NOT do it. Dr. Anthony Fauci appears to be one of these types based on the reporting I’ve seen and read.

    Our Congress needs to stop being so nice and respectful of all these professionals, and demand the truth, not just ask for it.

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Oregon Schools ‘Staffing Crisis’ So Bad State Temporarily Allowing Substitute Teachers Without Degrees




Liberal policies and mandates surrounding the coronavirus pandemic for over a year and a half have resulted in a mass labor shortage across a plethora of industries. Most recently with the vaccine mandates, individuals are either quitting or being forced into a leave of absence. Education is among the affected fields, leaving children without teachers.

In Oregon, officials said the “extraordinary shortage” of substitute teachers is also so bad, they have been forced to relinquish standards. The Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission announced it will temporarily be dropping the requirement for teachers to, well, be licensed to teach.

CNN reports:

“The temporary rule, which is set to expire March 31, allows substitute teacher applicants without a bachelor’s degree to be sponsored by a school district, which would also provide them with enhanced support administrative supervision, according to a joint statement from Dr. Anthony Rosilez, the commission’s executive director, and Erika Bare, the commission chair.”

In December of 2019, the state had 8,290 licensed substitute teachers. By September 18, 2021, the number was down to almost half at 4,738. The temporary administrative order says without more teachers, classes will be “combined to unacceptable levels or not offered at all, inflicting irreparable harm on schoolchildren.”

In the joint statement from Rosilez and Bare, they explained the reason behind the state’s conundrum: “while the data we have at this point is primarily anecdotal, the COVID pandemic has been a primary factor in the reduced supply.”

Elizabeth Thiel, president of the Portland Association of Teachers says Oregon is experiencing a “staffing crisis” exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s not just substitutes that we don’t have enough of. It’s classroom teachers, it’s administrators and custodians and bus drivers and education assistants and nutrition workers and paraprofessionals” added Thiel. “Every job type we have in our schools, we’re short.”

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Rep. Tlaib Caught on Video Admitting She is Only Wearing a Mask Because of ‘Republican Tracker’ Filming Her



Rashida Tlaib

Democrat and member of the “Squad” Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was filmed at an event explaining that she was only wearing a mask for one reason. It was not for safety, not for fear of spreading COVID-19 to the vulnerable and weak, not for fear of getting a variant herself, and not for “stopping the spread.” No. It was only because a “Republican tracker” was in her presence.

At an event in Detroit, Tlaib can be seen among a group outside, and one gentleman, who was not wearing a mask, thought Tlaib was upset that he was not masked. “Oh, my bad. Sorry” the man said.

Quickly explaining herself and making sure there was zero confusion as to her position, she quickly comforted the man saying, “oh no, not you.” She then pulls down her mask to further explain, “I was only doing it because I got a Republican, uh, tracker following me” as she appeared to be pointing in the direction of the “tracker.”

She then popped her mask back on and turned to walk away. National Review reports: “Tlaib was exiting an event on Monday with Housing and Urban Development secretary Marcia Fudge, who visited housing developments in Detroit while touting the Biden administration’s proposed $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.” The video was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

This summer Tlaib chastised Republican Senator Rand Paul for voicing resistance to some Centers for Disease Control and Prevention measures including mask-wearing mandates. The same day, video surfaced of Tlaib partying at an indoor wedding maskless.

Tlaib is one of many Democrats who have acted in complete hypocrisy to their own mandates. San Francisco mayor London Breed was filmed at a crowded indoor bar listening to music where no one was wearing masks. She justified her violation by stating she wanted to dance and “I was feeling the spirit.”

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