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Soros Defends Giving Millions to Soft-on-Crime District Attorneys in Op-Ed



Progressive billionaire George Soros is admitting to actively putting Americans at risk under dangerous liberal policies. Defending his decision to fund dozens of soft-on-crime district attorneys, Soros says he has “no intention of stopping” his support for them.

Soros claims the millions upon millions of dollars he has spent on candidates who then release criminals back to the streets are making the justice system “more effective and just.” Soros defended himself in a Wall Street Journal op-ed published Sunday.

“This agenda includes prioritizing the resources of the criminal-justice system to protect people against violent crime. It urges that we treat drug addiction as a disease, not a crime. And it seeks to end the criminalization of poverty and mental illness ,” he wrote, later adding: “ The goal is not defunding the police but restoring trust between the police and the policed, a partnership that fosters the solving of crimes.”

“The idea that we need to choose between justice and safety is false. They reinforce each other: If people trust the justice system, it will work. And if the system works, public safety will improve,” Soros wrote.

The New York Post notes that Soros’ op-ed comes “amid a backlash against lax district attorneys that led San Francisco voters to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin over spikes in shoplifting, open-air drug dealing and broad daylight assaults, often against Asian-Americans.”

In Los Angeles, another recall effort is targeting DA George Gascon — who got nearly $3 million in campaign funds from Soros. The Capital Research Center reported in January that Soros has given more than $29 million to left-wing district attorney candidates through a network of political action committees.

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