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TERRELL: Democrats ‘are obsessed with racism’



Nancy Pelosi said those who were involved in the Capitol riot chose “their whiteness over democracy.” 

In another great discussion with Larry Elder on Hannity Monday, Leo Terrell fired back. 

“I am sick and tired of the democrats playing the race card,” he said. “Pelosi says that people who marched in the Capitol have picked whiteness over democracy. What does race have to do with criminal conduct?” 

Terrell blasted Pelosi and the democrats for using race to further divide the country and distract from their lackluster policies. 

“The democrats and Pelosi focus on race for 1 reason: it divides this country and takes the attention away from their failures,” he urged. “They don’t have any policies, they don’t have any programs. But they play the race card even when the race card isn’t played.” 

He added that the race card is the exact reason why many are leaving the democratic party. 

“Joe Biden said that black lives matter. I’m just telling you, they’re obsessed with racism and that’s why a lot of people got used to it and we left the democratic party and we’re over here with the republicans because Trump has enlarged the party,” he said. 

“But the democrats are obsessed with race.” 

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    January 12, 2021 at 9:55 am


  2. Cynthia Corson

    January 12, 2021 at 9:58 am

    I was there! Peaceful support for election integrity. I, saw with my eyes, people spread out through out the crowd encouraging everyone to “MOVE FORWARD” using a bull horn.

  3. Ron Romine

    January 13, 2021 at 12:16 pm

    Amazing I used to hate when Tucker, Sean and Laura had you on. As a long ago Democrat I support your move over. The Republican Party has changed alot with President Trump. I still love alot of what Reagan did but love Trump more. I hope with your voice we make it through the next 4 years.

  4. John Wilch (TSGT, USAF Ret.)

    January 13, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    Mr. Terrell, I agree with you 100% on Pelosi and her ilk using the race card all the bloody time. I’m sick and tired of it and can’t stand it and wish that they’d set back and take a look at themselves for one. They’re white and they keep up with this idiotic junk about race. I was taught when I was growing up to look at a person’s ability not their skin color. We’re all the same in God’s eyes.

    I served with people of all races and religions and knew that we had one thing in common and that was that we loved this country and all her freedoms with all our hearts. “MY COUNTRY RIGHT OR WRONG. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!”

    I know we have people that hate people of different color or race, and I for one just dislike these fools for that. I dedicate most of my adult life, 27+years in uniform, defending their right to be stupid and idiotic. Enlisted at 17 years old on Dec 20, ’63 and retired Apr 1, ’92, would do it again because I love this country with all my heart and my OATH will never, never expire!

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Psaki Responds To Biden Calling Reporter A ‘Stupid Son Of A B****’



Jen Psaki

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary responded to Democrat President Joe Biden calling Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b****” for asking about the inflation crisis.

“The President, the President called Peter, and [Peter Doocy] confirmed this, so this is only why I’m speaking to this, and if you have private conversations with the president, I will assure you I’m not going to convey that on your behalf,” Psaki said. “But Peter spoke to this, the President called him, he conveyed to him that it was nothing personal man and also acknowledged that all of you are going to ask him a range of questions. So I think that speaks for itself.”

Biden called Doocy a “stupid son of a b****” after Doocy asked if the inflation crisis would hurt the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections.

“Do you think inflation is a political liability for midterms?” Doocy asked.

“It’s a great asset, more inflation,” Biden responded. “What a stupid son of a b****.”

Doocy reacted to the incident in multiple interviews, revealing that Biden called him afterward and told him “it’s nothing personal, pal,” but Biden notably never apologized.

“When the president calls from the Oval Office and he says ‘it’s nothing personal, pal.’ And you know, I wasn’t particularly upset about what had happened anyway,” Doocy said on the Guy Benson Show. “I think that that’s enough just to kind of put it behind us. And I know now how much attention people pay to off-color comments like that from the president. But I think that he wanted to just clear the air and he wanted to address it, and he wanted to make sure that he didn’t that I didn’t think he was talking to me in a malicious way. And so it was a nice call. We talked for a couple of minutes right after I did Brett Baer show last night.”

“So the word ‘sorry’ was not expressed,” Guy said.

“It was not. But that’s OK,” Doocy replied.

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Biden’s Energy Secretary Violated Stock Disclosure Laws 9 Times Last Year

A spokeswoman for Granholm said that the late disclosures were the fault of a “clerical error”



Photo by JIM WATSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm sold shares of stock 9 times last year between April to October, but did not disclose the sales “within the legally required 45-day window, according to federal disclosure documents”, reports CNBC.

The shares of stock were worth up to $240,000. A spokeswoman for Granholm blamed a “clerical error” saying the secretary paid a late filing fee. Granholm did not file any of the 9 disclosures until December after legal deadlines for all had passed.

The STOCK Act has been in place since 2012, which “expanded the accountability and reporting requirements for financial holdings, both for members of Congress and high-level employees of the Executive Branch like Granholm” reports CNBC.

“The news of Granholm’s apparent violations comes at a time when stock sales by public officials and members of Congress are getting a fresh look” reports CNBC. “During the past week, several members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, have introduced or reintroduced legislation that would effectively ban lawmakers and their immediate family members from actively trading stocks while the member is in office.”

According to an analysis by Business Insider’s Dave Levinthal published earlier this month, a total of 54 members of Congress violated the STOCK Act rules just last year alone.

CNBC reports on the suspicious behavior of Granholm:

When President Joe Biden nominated her to be his energy secretary, Granholm signed a detailed Ethics Agreement in which she agreed to give up part-time jobs at the University of California and at CNN, step down from several boards, and sell millions of dollars worth of stock.

On March 22, she reported 23 stock sales, many of them blue-chip companies she had more than $10,000 of shares in.

A few months later in May, Granholm filed more transaction reports detailing how she had exercised stock options in the electric bus and battery company Proterra and then sold all her shares, worth between $1 million and $5 million, on May 24.

But in between the March blue chip sales and the May Proterra sale, Granholm made 6 of the 9 stock sales that didn’t get disclosed until December.

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