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Terrell slams Biden’s stance on law enforcement: ‘Joe Biden is an empty suit’

“The democratic party is controlled by AOC, Bernie Sanders, Antifa and Black Lives Matter.”



In another heated segment with Geraldo Rivera on America’s Newsroom, Leo Terrell reacted to Biden’s stance on law enforcement.  

Terrell said he would not give Biden “the benefit of the doubt” because “every one of us listening and watching this program have a different opinion as to what does ‘vast majority’ mean … He can’t tell the American public that 98, 99% of officers are great and they protect us.”

He added that Biden “made a deal with the left,” nothing that the democrats avoided praising any police officers “throughout the entire [presidential election] campaign.”

“Joe Biden cannot back the blue because he supports the left. And to me the comment was disingenuous. ‘Vast majority’ was … designed to appease the left.”

“Geraldo didn’t answer Bill’s question,” Terrell said. “Let me tell you right now, there has been a progressive left regarding law enforcement. You see, Joe Biden cannot praise law enforcement because the democratic playbook says there is systemic discrimination in law enforcement.” 

Terrell urged that because of the progressive’s stance on law enforcement, Joe Biden cannot advocate for law and order. 

“You and Bill had on the Orange County DA in California, I saw that interview. Let me tell you right now,” he said, “you got progressive left prosecutors who are opening the door for criminals. Joe Biden cannot articulate a strong law and order position because the progressive wing of the democratic party believes that law enforcement are the bad guys and the criminals are the ones who are being basically treated unfairly. The facts are there.”

Rivera argued that Joe Biden is the only person in the democratic party who can express support for law enforcement, to which Leo fired back. 

“Joe Biden does not control the democratic party, Geraldo, and you know that,” he said. 

“Joe Biden is an empty suit. He does not control the democratic party. The democratic party is controlled by AOC, Bernie Sanders, Antifa and Black Lives Matter. You know that, Geraldo.” 

Terrell called on Biden to focus on resolving the explosive crime in democratic cities, rather than focusing on immigration from other countries. 

“Bottom line is this: focus, Joe Biden, on law enforcement and resolving crime instead of all these immigration executive orders,” he said.  

“Get your priorities straight. Geraldo, I’ll challenge you. When will he take care of supporting law enforcement? Right now, it’s not on his top 10 list.” 

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  1. teresa

    February 4, 2021 at 10:47 pm

    Leo did you expect any thing else from biden he was no different than obama. it’s disgusting – the party of satan! it’s fighting a losing battle to think that the left is going to be kind, clean and truthful! those words are in their vocabulary. trashing America that’s what they know

  2. Jacqueline Shelley

    February 6, 2021 at 11:10 am

    Leo 2.0, you are great!

  3. Real American

    February 6, 2021 at 12:28 pm

    Geraldo is a turncoat. Fox allows him but fires Lou Dobbs.
    Screw Fox and screw Geraldo..

  4. Maureen

    February 6, 2021 at 3:52 pm

    Leo you are definitely on the right track Leo. Glad you are a regular Fox contributor

  5. Ray Mobile

    February 7, 2021 at 9:38 am

    Leo, you have a huge following because you speak out for people like me ! We love your patriotic dedication! We also love your sincere loyalty to 45 ! Keep fighting for our values !
    God Bless You

  6. McRant

    February 8, 2021 at 9:59 am

    99% of the police are the good guys that risk their lives every day to maintain the peace for the populace. BLM and other idiotic leftist groups tell people that the cops are committing ‘genocide’ on black Americans. Let’s see. For the last 3 years, cops have killed less than 20 unarmed black people. Oooh, scary. 45 million Americans are black and a couple million cops. In those vast groups, 20 deaths? That’s hardly ‘genocide’. Tragic, as all deaths are for families and friends. Do this: compare the deaths of blacks by cops (less than 20) to the number of black babies aborted every year. 75% of abortions are performed on black babies. Compare the two.
    Yet blacks continue to believe BLM rather than actual statistics because of propaganda (mostly from Soros, the Democrat party, and the now very rich BLM founders.
    Remember Pocahontas vowing to read the names of black people killed by the police in the Rose Garden every week? Very short read, usually zero per week. She also said she would read the names of every murdered female transgender. In 2020, there was ONE. Even shorter read. Transgender women are much less likely to be murdered than women. The indoctrination and hypocrisy kills me. The same people who lie about the black ‘genocide’ have no problem with the more than 1,000 CHILDREN killed every year, most of them black males, by criminals with illegal guns in gang-related activities- like sleeping in a crib, a car or a stroller or playing in their yards. Do not their friends and families weep for these children? Are they less important because they’re poor and black? Hypocrisy by the Democrat party.

  7. Speaking Truth To Power

    February 8, 2021 at 11:36 am

    1) Most of us do NOT disagree on the definition of ‘vast majority’.
    2) Biden can advocate for whatever he wishes to, regardless of the stance of those on the ‘Left’.
    Reason: Joe Biden isn’t one of them; Biden is a centrist.
    3)If leftists controlled the Democratic Party as you insist, Bernie Sanders would have won the primaries instead of getting badly beaten by Biden across the board.
    4) The party which has been taken over by fringe radicals is the GOP (or should I say, ‘QOP’?).
    Perhaps Terrell should worry about his own back yard.

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