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TERRELL: ‘The left-wing media dominates’

“The left wing media will not cover this outrageous conduct”



Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell has emerged on the political scene as one of President Trump’s most vocal supporters, and one of Black Lives Matter’s most outspoken critics. 

In a Newsmax interview with Sean Spicer, Terrell said he became a Trump supporter because the president revolutionized the republican party. 

“That’s the problem, the left-wing media dominates…what you have here is this,” Terrell said. “You have 73 million people who support Donald Trump and they’re out here expressing their love for this man. He made me become a republican because he redefined the republican party,” he continued. 

Terrell blasted the left-wing media for not covering the violent attacks on Trump supporters during the “Million MAGA March” by Antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs. 

“Those people are out there peaceful, and yet it discourages and it makes the left upset. Why? Because of this tremendous support for the president and it’s continual support and the left wing media will not cover this outrageous conduct,” he added. 

With violent riots continuing across the country since the death of George Floyd last May, Terrell pointed out that the cities facing the most unrest are ironically run by the left. 

“One other point, Sean, it’s a typical playbook. Democratic city, democratic mayor, corruption with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and no prosecution.” 

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  1. AuskiHeth

    November 16, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    Never a truer word spoken Mr Tyrell.

  2. Bob Carter

    November 16, 2020 at 8:51 pm

    Black Lives Matter more than all the rest.
    The United States a former democratic country where the majority ruled is now dominated by a the minority of 14%.

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Twitter Releases Redesigned Orange and Red ‘Misinformation’ Labels

Twitter is doubling down on letting you know when they think your internet behavior is uncouth




Twitter is doubling down on letting you know when they think your internet behavior is uncouth. Reportedly the company has been testing new labels since July, and “are an update from those Twitter used for election misinformation before and after the 2020 presidential contest” reports the Associated Press.

The new designs include added orange and red labels to “stand out” more than the old blue version, which blended with Twitter’s blue color scheme. However, the company was also cautious, as “its tests showed that if a label is too eye-catching, it leads to more people to retweet and reply to the original tweet.”

The AP writes those labels used in the presidential election “drew criticism for not doing enough to keep people from spreading obvious falsehoods.” Therefore the redesign will launch on Tuesday in hopes of being “easier to notice.”

The AP states experts say such labels are helpful to users and allow the big tech social media giants to “sidestep the more difficult work of content moderation – that is, deciding whether or not to remove posts, photos and videos that spread conspiracies and falsehoods.”

In its testing phase, Twitter said the redesigned labels showed a 17% increase in “click-through-rate” meaning more people would click on the labels to read the information debunking false or misleading tweets. “Misleading tweets that got the redesigned label – with an orange icon and the words ‘stay informed’ were also less likely to be retweeted or liked than those with the original labels.”

Twitter labels three types of misinformation: “manipulated media,” such as videos and audio believed to have been deceptively altered in ways that could cause real-world harm; election and voting-related misinformation and false or misleading tweets related to COVID-19.

The AP adds “tweets with more serious misinformation – for instance, a tweet claiming that vaccines cause autism – will get a stronger label, with the world ‘misleading’ and a red exclamation point. It won’t be possible to reply to, like or retweet these messages.”

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Social Media Goes Wild During MSNBC’s Election Night Meltdown

“MSNBC is currently going through the 7 stages of grief on an endless loop in real-time”




Social media was thoroughly entertained by MSNBC’s “meltdown” over the November 2 election results rolling in. The cable channel likely got a little boost in viewership as Twitter users suggested others quickly turn to the channel to enjoy the comedy special.

As Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin began to take a clear advantage over Democrat Terry McAuliffe, “MSNBC hosts had public meltdowns that made for must-see TV among conservatives” write Fox News.

“If you want to give yourself a treat, turn on MSNBC” Ann Coulter tweeted. National Review critic and writer Kyle Smith tweeted, “Every conservative I know is watching MSNBC.” Meghan McCain wrote, “MSNBC is on nothing short of an emotional journey to Narnia tonight.”

Radio host Buck Sexton tweeted, “MSNBC is currently going through the 7 stages of grief on an endless loop in real-time.” The panel of hosts, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid and Nicolle Wallace “spent much of the night making excuses and blaming Youngkin’s success on the backlash to critical race theory, which they claim doesn’t exist” writes Fox News.

Once word got out that Wallace made the claim critical race theory doesn’t exist, “the outspoken, right-leaning crowd that typically wouldn’t dare admit to watching the far-left network couldn’t help themselves on Election Night.”

It wasn’t just the words of the hosts that garnered attention, but also the station’s coverage, which was in essence, denial. NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck shared many of the clips from the MSNBC hosts throughout the night, including when the network dropped out of covering gubernatorial races in favor of Republican candidates and covered New York City Democrat Eric Adams’ victory speech instead.

“MSNBC’s election night co-hosts made it clear that they were pessimistic about their chances as they instead continued to lie about gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, his voters, and Republicans write large by calling them ‘dangerous’ human beings ‘to our national security’ and racists ‘in fleece’ peddling ‘lies’ about critical race theory,” wrote Houck.

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