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Election 2020

TERRELL: ‘There are a lot of RINOs out there’

“It’s very very disrespectful and disappointing for a lot of these republicans who owe their position to Donald Trump to all the sudden turn their back on him.”



Leo Terrell joined John Bachman on Newsmax Tuesday to unpack the ongoing legal challenges by the Trump campaign and the disrespect shown towards the president by many of his Republican counterparts. 

“The thing about President Trump, I want to be very clear, he’s pursuing the legal right to challenge the election. He has an obligation for 74 million voters who voted for him, 10 million more than the previous election in 2016,” Terrell said.  

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey apparently ignored a phone call from President Trump while signing the state’s election certification, which Terrell called a “total disrespect.” 

“That was total disrespect for the governor to ignore that phone call. He could’ve taken out the 30, 40 seconds to answer that call before he signed the certification.” 

Terrell blasted the republicans who have seemingly turned their backs on the president as he continues to fight. 

“It’s very very disrespectful and disappointing for a lot of these Republicans who owe their position to Donald Trump to all the sudden turn their back on him. And again, he is going to pursue his legal right, I applaud him for that and the final court in this land has not answered. It’s called the Supreme Court,” he said. 

He even called many of them RINOs, a term used by republicans to describe members of their party whose political views are deemed insufficiently conservative. 

“The biggest concern is there are a lot of republicans that had to tolerate Donald Trump. They don’t like him. They love his policies and programs, but they don’t like him, which I find, again, very offensive. So they’re now trying to walk this line between loyalty to the president, which they do not show and now trying to find a position within the Biden administration. A lot of RINOs out there,” he said. 

“And I go along with what the governor said. John, this is a race until December 14 as far as collecting the overwhelming evidence – because there is fraud, there’s no question, multiple ballots – the overwhelming evidence before certification, before the electors vote and to get a lawsuit before the Supreme Court because President Trump is racing against time,” he added. 

Terrell urged that anyone who has information about election irregularities should be protected at all costs. 

“If these individuals have information, they should be protected. They’re whistleblowers, so they should be protected. They should have protection from the FBI, Department of Justice, Trump administrators should be making sure that happens,” he said. 

“And they should be allowed to testify under oath, and more importantly, provide declarations because those declarations are admissible evidence for a court to hear and analyze and evaluate,” he continued.  

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  1. Gregory Wilson

    December 1, 2020 at 11:21 pm

    Keep up the important work Leo!! Love my signed Leo 2.0 hat!! Appreciate you!!

  2. N. Rowell

    December 2, 2020 at 11:33 am

    Thank you for the truth Leo. So many are exposing their corruption. I pray the President gets justice for this fraud in the Supreme Court to restore the trust of the American people that are constantly being ignored by corrupt individuals like the Govenor of Georgia and DOJ Bill Barr.

  3. Deborah L Zalar

    December 2, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    I am also very disappointed in the Republican party not supporting the President The President gave them back a spine

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