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Texas Governor to Biden: Bring Back Trump’s Border Policies

Abbott: “This problem will continue to get worse because of the policies that have been adopted by the Biden administration”



Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has one simple request for president Joe Biden: bring back Trump’s border policies. On “Fox News Sunday” Abbott said, “this problem will continue to get worse because of the policies that have been adopted by the Biden administration.”

“What the president could do is to immediately put back in place the ‘remain in Mexico’ protocols that were established in the prior administration,” said Abbott. Furthermore, “he could continue to build the wall along the border in South Texas. He could send a stronger message that these people should not be coming here.” Essentially, if Biden could be less like Biden and more like Trump we would be much better off.

Biden campaigned entirely on pandering to open-border advocates and now he is left doing nothing to pick up the pieces. “Remember this, and that is one of the reasons why there are so many people coming here, is if you go back to the Democrat presidential debates, every single one of the Democrat candidates said if they are elected, they will have open borders and they will be giving things for free to anybody coming across the board,” said Abbott.

Last week the U.S. Customs and Border Protection released numbers showing Border Patrol officers encountered over 172,000 people trying to illegally enter the United States in March alone. That is a 71 percent increase from the month of February. The agency also said 18,890 unaccompanied children were encountered, doubling the number from 9,297 minors in February.

Abbott added Biden’s actions are “exactly why we’re seeing the flood, and the Biden administration was simply unprepared…which is why they have so haphazardly responded to it…and that’s why we’ve seen the dire consequences for these kids, for the adults, and especially for the state of Texas, and it will only get worse.”

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  1. darla

    April 12, 2021 at 6:02 pm

    he need to put them up at his house and I Do NOT mean The White House

    • Phil

      April 13, 2021 at 10:57 am

      From kids in cages to luxury hotel accommodations with food,medical care,hot tubs,steam baths,and probably massages too,all at legal Americans’tax expense!


    April 12, 2021 at 10:57 pm


  3. Wilfred Cushnie

    April 14, 2021 at 2:17 am

    Texas Rangers should invade northern Mexico and stop the invasion of people into the United States before then can get into the United States. In this way Mexico will soon have to get involved or give up ownership of their northern border lands. Texas rangers properly trained and equipped are very capable of taking over the northern portion of Mexico if indeed Mexico refuses to administer proper governance along the border. The Canadians properly govern their responsibilities along the northern border and there is no reason why Mexico cannot do the same. It should not take more than a few days or weeks to get this started and to effectively get this issue into the hands of people who want to resolve it. Right now the entire bunch of politicians are looking pretty stupid like a bunch of old castrated bulls with their horns and balls cut off. The people hear a lot of bull and mooing and grunting but nobody solving the problem.

  4. Candy Duncan

    April 27, 2021 at 10:03 pm

    Texas needs to stop this!!Now!!! Biden has sold out all the
    border states! He doesn’t give a crap what’s going on here. We need to finish the wall! sue Biden and Laughing Hyena Kamal Harris I’m sure George SOROS her sugar daddy will bail her out!

  5. Anita

    May 3, 2021 at 12:25 am

    Biden is the worst president ever. He has done nothing to help Americans. The only people he is helping is illegal ALIENS. And we are the ones that got to pay for them.. And yet they get treated better than American do in America..
    This president is trying to destroy our country. In record time.That is his mention that rotten Democrats are taking the country away from us..first it starts with your FREEDOMS.
    I hope we do something fast.

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Biden’s ‘Seasonal’ Claim of Immigration Nonsense; Border Officials Expected to Announce 450% Increase for June



Illegal Immigration

The Washington Examiner reports that U.S. border officials will soon be releasing the number of encountered illegal immigrants in June. The numbers are mind-blowing. Officials are “expected to reveal soon that they encountered nearly 190,000 illegal immigrants in June, a 450% explosion over last June.”

“Unofficial and preliminary calculations suggest  the number will be 188,000, said a knowledgeable source.” Immediately after taking office, President Joe Biden responded to critics of his border control rhetoric and policies by saying an increase in crossings was “seasonal.”

“there is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter months of January, February, March. It happens every year” said Biden in his very first press conference since he took office.

Despite Biden talking about illegal immigration just like one would allergies, he was obviously wrong. The Washington Examiner reports:

Typically in summer, numbers do decline on the southern border. Last June, the total was 33,000. In June 2019, it was 104,311 and in 2018, 43,189. The June 2020 numbers were affected by the COVID-19 rules barring entry and former President Donald Trump’s diplomatic success in getting Mexico to hold migrants pending approval of their applications to enter the United States.

That all changed when Biden came to office. In May, there were 180,034 arrests, a 20-year high. The continued surge shows that migrants are pouring over the border in historic numbers no matter the travel conditions and are breaking historical trends. What’s more, each week, the administration has given new signals that it is dismantling Trump-era immigration restrictions and ending deportations for all but the worst criminals and terrorists.

Former acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan said, “so much for the ‘seasonal’ lie they tried to fly that when it gets hotter, the numbers go down.” Morgan also stated the horrific reality that with the surge came higher numbers of rescues and attempted rescues by border officers, as well as the discovery of dead migrants attempting to reach the U.S.

“When you have open-border policies, people say, ‘I’m coming. I’m going to risk everything” said Morgan. “That’s why I keep saying that the most inhumane thing we do for migrants is to open our borders because you are telling them that their lives are worth risking because once they get here, they are going to be let in, and that’s exactly what’s happening.”

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Rep. Tlaib Calls For Defunding ICE And Other Border Security Agencies



Rashida Tlaib (D-MI)

As Democrat President Joe Biden’s border crisis worsens, far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) called for defunding immigration security agencies during an interview made public this week.

“Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., in a video interview made public this week doubled down on her calls to defund key immigration agencies while warning against efforts by the Biden administration to increase technology at the border,” Fox News reported.

Fox News added, “Tlaib was asked about the push by the Biden administration to increase money spent on border technology for Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) border request includes $665 million in investments toward modernizing land ports of entry and $47 million to invest in detection capabilities in addition to investments in border surveillance technology.”

Tlaib was also asked how she could “turn the tide” at the congressional level on the funding for technologies that prevent activists worry “ultimately prevent migrants from entering the U.S.”

“Look, the simple answer to that question is we must eliminate funding for [Customs and Border Protection], [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and their parent organization, [Department of Homeland Security],” Tlaib said.

The Biden administration already issued a Memorandum in mid-February that made the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “functionally abolished,” according to the Washington Post. The following months illegal immigration levels repeatedly broke 20-year records as the drastically reduced deportation numbers signaled to illegal immigrants that they would be more likely to successfully remain in the United States.

The Washington Post reported in May, “Under new Biden administration rules curtailing immigration enforcement, ICE carried out fewer than 3,000 deportations last month, the lowest level on record. The agency’s 6,000 officers currently average one arrest every two months.”

“ICE under President Biden is an agency on probation,” the Washington Post continued. “The new administration has rejected calls from some Democrats to eliminate the agency entirely, but Biden has placed ICE deportation officers on a leash so tight that some say their work is being functionally abolished.”

A recent lawsuit over the Memorandum from ICE officials and Texas sheriffs against the Biden administration detailed the danger of restricting the ability of border security agencies from deporting illegal immigrants.

“Many extremely dangerous illegal aliens who would have been detained prior to the February 18 Memorandum consistent with federal statutes are now being released from custody,” the lawsuit said. It then cited examples of illegal immigrants who are remaining in the United States as a result of weakened border security agencies, including an illegal immigrant who has “been convicted of sexual battery against a child,” and another who “has been convicted of domestic violence, evading arrest, and multiple counts of driving under the influence.”

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