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Thanks Captain Obvious: UC Davis Study Uses Twitter to Show Public Becoming More Desensitized to ‘Pandemic Life’




Researchers at the University of California-Davis say the public is getting desensitized to the coronavirus pandemic, especially when it comes to following pandemic-era safety measures. Who is shocked by this? Nonetheless, the study was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research Infodemiology.

The study looks at how the public responded to COVID-19 articles currently and compared the reactions on Twitter since early 2020.  Communications doctoral student Hannah Stevens says the public has come a long way since the toilet paper panic-buying days.

The “Objective” of the study states: “In this work, we examine the effect of fear-inducing news articles on people’s expression of anxiety on Twitter. Additionally, we investigate desensitization to fear-inducing health news over time, despite the steadily rising COVID-19 death toll.”

“COVID-19 has made an indelible mark on history, and now it’s time to consider what went wrong so we can do better in communicating more effectively during future health crises, and even now, as the delta variant becomes more widespread,” Stevens says in a university release.

“First and foremost, we need to understand how and why scary health news lost impact over time, despite the rapidly increasing death toll” added Stevens. “Our study shows a need to delve deeper into how to re-sensitize the public and motivate them to take action in the face of an ongoing emergency,” she says.

How to re-sensitize the public? Stevens and her colleagues need to take a better look at the absolutely conflicting advice and information that has been vomited from the government, the Centers for Disease Control and the mainstream media as well as the hypocritical actions by those putting the mandates in place.

The public wasn’t just desensitized due to the overload of information, they were sick and tired of being manipulated and lied to. Stevens and the study go on to say “Testing the effectiveness of various health-risk communication strategies could quite possibly mean the difference between life and death in the future,” Stevens adds.

“If another health crisis occurred today, or COVID-19 takes another turn for the worse, it is essential for public health officials to consider that they are communicating to a desensitized public. I hope that this paper can be an impetus to get that discussion started” concludes Stevens.

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  1. IraMad

    July 21, 2021 at 9:29 am

    I see a survival rate of 99+% and I just can’t keep from being angry! Our world was completely overturned…and for what? Media over-hype frightened the entire planet…and for what? American deaths, regardless of cause, were incentivized by the establishment, causing COVID death figures that were shocking…exactly as planned. Any non-government information, from hundreds of researchers and doctors, was CENSORED by lapdog media. Truth is verboten!
    Desensitized? Maybe not accurate. Perhaps angry…shocked…stunned better describes what’s happening. Americans know we’ve been lied to and manipulated. It’s not desensitized. We no longer TRUST our leaders. We no longer have faith that media is independent and honest. We no longer trust SCIENCE, as it’s been weaponized against us. We have lost faith in EVERYTHING we trusted before. America is in shock! We aren’t desensitized, we’re damned mad! We’re just not going to fall for these control mechanisms anymore. We know our government was stolen! We know the CABAL is focused on destruction, not improvement.
    No. We’re AWAKE, not desensitized. No more blind obedience toward the invaders!
    I’m convinced the author of this puff piece has been DESENSITIZED!

  2. Staber

    July 21, 2021 at 9:38 am

    Leave it up to some study to waste time telling us what is painfully obvious

  3. Jorge

    July 21, 2021 at 10:16 am

    “First and foremost, we need to understand how and why scary health news lost impact over time, despite the rapidly increasing death toll” added Stevens. “Our study shows a need to delve deeper into how to re-sensitize the public and motivate them to take action in the face of an ongoing emergency,” she says. – Basically propagate fear for the sake of fear. People realized this was a hoax when 99.9% of the people around them weren’t dropping dead out of nowhere.

  4. Vee

    July 21, 2021 at 5:37 pm

    @ Iramad: Excellent comment, smack-dab accurate and well said, besides.

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The New York Times Had to Issue Correction Admitting ‘No Evidence’ of Border Patrol Whipping Migrants




Instead of addressing and perhaps an attempt at even fixing problems we face in the United States, President Biden has turned his attention to “fix” a non-existent issue. After the liberal media ran wild with accusations that border patrol agents were “whipping” Haitian migrants at the border, suddenly we hear from Biden.

Perhaps because it was easy and cowardly. Biden said the treatment was despicable and vowed to investigate and bring action against the border agents who allegedly whipped immigrants trying to illegally enter the United States and make them “pay” for their actions.

The New York Times changed their entire narrative which helped to get the Biden administration up in arms. In an article published Friday, the Times’ article read:

“The images of agents on horseback chasing, and in some cases using the reins of their horses to strike at running migrants, came as Mr. Biden’s administration moved to forcefully round up and deport more than 2,000 of the 15,000 migrants who gathered in a makeshift camp in Del Rio, Texas.”

The Times added a correction stating: “An earlier version of this article overstated the behavior of some Border Patrol agents on horseback. While the agents waved their reins while pushing migrants back into the Rio Grande, The Times has not seen conclusive evidence that migrants were struck with the reigns.”

The specific sentence was changed to: “images of border patrol agents on horseback waving their reins while pushing migrants back into the Rio Grande have prompted a torrent of criticism from Democrats and civil rights groups.”

Associated Press reporter Sarah Blake Morgan tweeted video footage showing the border patrol agents were using their reins to steer horses, and not whipping migrants. Additionally, the photographer himself who took the photos gave interviews saying neither he nor his colleagues ever saw anyone being whipped by the border agents.

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All in the Family? Andrew Cuomo’s Brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment



Chris Cuomo

A guest essay written for the New York Times by veteran television journalist and former executive producer Shelley Ross alleges CNN host Chris Cuomo sexually harassed her when they had previously worked together.

The alleged incident occurred when the two worked together at ABC News in 2005 and Ross now wants the host to “journalistically repent” for his behavior of squeezing her buttock without her permission.

“At the time, I was the executive producer of an ABC entertainment special, but I was Mr. Cuomo’s executive producer at ‘Primetime Live’ just before that,” she wrote. “I was at the party with my husband, who sat behind me on an ottoman sipping his Diet Coke as I spoke with work friends. When Mr. Cuomo entered the Upper West Side bar, he walked toward me and greeted me with a strong bear hug while lowering one hand to firmly grab and squeeze the cheek of my buttock.”

Ross added Cuomo said to her, “I can do this now that you’re no longer my boss” and did it “with a kind of cocky arrogance.” Ross said she told him he couldn’t, pushed him off her and revealed her husband was right behind her, and they quickly left the party.

The party was for an ABC colleague’s departure. Later that evening, Cuomo sent her an email, which Ross printed. The email stated, “[T]hough my hearty greeting was a function of being glad to see you … christian slater got arrested for a (kind of) similar act, (though borne of an alleged negative intent, unlike my own)…and as a husband I can empathize with not liking to see my wife patted as such.”

Cuomo added he would like for Ross to pass along an apology to her “very good and noble husband,” and also “I apologize to you as well, for even putting you in su]ch a position.” He added he would remember his lesson the next time he was happy to see her.

Ross writes in her essay, “Mr. Cuomo may say this is a sincere apology. I’ve always seen it as an attempt to provide himself with legal and moral coverage to evade accountability.”

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