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U.S. Sending Ukraine More Offensive Weapons To ‘Create An Iron Fist’ To ‘Penetrate Russian Linear Defenses’



The United States has made a “substantive” change in the kind of weaponry in its aid to Ukraine and is now sending more offensive weapons to President Volodymyr Zelensky, who seeks to take advantage of struggles Russia has been recently facing in its invasion of the country. 

The news comes after the Defense Department announced last week that the Biden administration would be sending another $3.075 billion in military aid to Ukraine. 

Senior U.S. officials told CNN on Tuesday that the “US’s latest aid announcement included more offensive weapons, such as Bradley Fighting Vehicles and advanced long-range rocket systems, reflecting the nature of the battlefield in Eastern Ukraine and a belief that Ukraine sees a window to regain territory before Russia regroups, one of the officials said, describing the new weapons systems as giving the Ukrainians ‘much more capability.’”

Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Laura Cooper discussed the announcement in a press conference.

“Is it fair to say that the U.S. is basically positioning Ukraine to conduct massive armor formation attacks on the Russians?” a reporter asked Cooper. 

“We are positioning Ukraine to be able to move forward and retake territory,” Cooper responded. 

Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, a retired commander of the U.S. Army Europe and NATO Allied Land Command, explained to CNN how the new package gives Ukraine a more offensive set of weapons in its arsenal.

“What I would imagine the Ukrainians will do is take these 50 Bradleys and put most of them in one battalion or one armored brigade … and create an iron fist that would be used to penetrate Russian linear defenses,” Hodges said.

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