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WH Press Sec Mocked For Telling Christmas Shoppers To Buy ‘A Special Something For Yourself’



Karine Jean-Pierre

Over the weekend, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was mocked on social media for her Black Friday tweet telling Americans to buy themselves a “special something” while Christmas shopping and get up to date COVID-19 vaccines.

“As you do your holiday shopping for your friends and family, don’t forget to do a little self-care for yourself either. From buying a special something for yourself to getting your updated COVID and flu vaccines, take care of yourself this holiday season,” Jean-Pierre wrote on Twitter.

Users were quick to point out that Jean-Pierre’s suggestion that Americans have the expendable money to “do a little self-care” appeared to ignore the record-breaking inflation crisis that originated under the Biden administration.

“First off, no. Second, good luck buying gifts, either too expensive or not there. Thanks @JoeBiden,” one user wrote.

“Who can afford to do much holiday shopping for anyone, thanks to Bidenomics,” another wrote.

Nearly all holiday staples have become more expensive over the last year, according to an analysis of the Department of Labor’s consumer price index (CPI) by Bankrate.

“The majority (or 88 percent) of holiday staples have gotten more expensive over the past year,” the analysis found.

“Food costs are jumping at the fastest pace in more than 43 years,” the analysis said. “Plane tickets over the past 12 months have soared by the most on record, causing some consumers to rethink their trips. Even decorations and gift wrap cost about 13 percent more this year than they did last year.”

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