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White House Press Sec Claims Biden Admin Has ‘Made Significant Significant Progress’ In Lowering Gas Prices



White House Spox

During Tuesday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned on President Biden taking credit for gas prices dropping while blaming others when gas prices have increased. 

“So the President took credit when gas prices were coming down.  Now the barrels leaving the Strategic Petroleum Reserve — well, that’s ending.  The President has not changed anything with energy policy,” a reporter began. 

“Is the President’s policies then to take credit for the gas prices rising over the past seven days?” the reporter asked. 

“So, look, I want to make note here because this is important: We’ve made significant progress in lowering the prices — gas prices, specifically.  Prices are down nearly $2.00 per gallon and are lower today than they were one year ago today — this very day,” Jean-Pierre claimed. “So, we’ve seen a slight increase, yes, over the past week, due to cold weather that shut down some refineries.  But those refineries are coming back online, as some of you have reported, and the President will continue to do everything he can to keep lowering costs for American families.”

“So, then once these refineries come back online, do you expect the gas prices to come back down?” the reporter asked, and then noted that “the price of gas when the President came into office was $2.39 a gallon.”

“I know, but I’m talking about one year ago.  And that was — one year ago was not when he came into office, right?” Jean-Pierre said, and then claimed that the Biden administration was “able to lower the price by two dollars per gallon” from the peak that was caused by President Biden’s policies. 

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