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White House Won’t Say If Feds Are Searching For More Classified Documents Mishandled By Biden



During Tuesday’s press conference, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to say if federal officials are still searching for more classified documents in President Biden’s possession from his vice presidency during the Obama administration. 

“Last week [you said] that we all can assume, the American people could assume that the searches were completed and all the documents have been recovered,” the Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller said. “On Saturday, the White House Counsel’s Office said that five additional classified documents had been found.”

“Is it safe to assume now that all the documents have been recovered, all the official records, all the classified documents are back in [the] custody of the National Archives?” Miller asked. “Or are more searches underway to find out if there’s anything out there?”

Jean-Pierre refused to answer the question, claiming that she was being “prudent” by not commenting on the situation as the Department of Justice’s special counsel investigation into Biden continues.

Jean-Pierre was also asked if Biden was helping in the search for additional classified documents, but she again refused to answer.

“Is he physically joining in the search for these things, rummaging around these boxes in the garage and wherever else?” a reporter asked. “I mean, literally.”

Jean-Pierre responded by saying that she had been “very clear” that she would not comment on the investigation.

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